Monday, 20 January 2014

293, Thor: The Dark World

For those of you who haven't kept up with the with the recent spat of Avengers, Iron Man, Thor movies and feel you need to get back in the loop, Thor 2 takes place chronologically after the Avengers movie - albeit 1 to 2 years later.

I too was wondering why after such a gap our blond hero didn't even bother letting his earth girlfriend know he was back in town, leaving local news bulletins to break it too her but luckily they were quickly answered with a slap to the face within the first 10 minutes of meeting up and a very speedy "you're forgiven" but I suppose the lure of a handsome God knocking on your door is enough not to warrant breaking up over!

Well, there is no doubt that Thor is back with a bang and offering his girlfriend a free trip to Asgard I'm sure was a highpoint in any love stricken woman so when she is possessed and a new (albeit ancient) enemy of Dark Elves rise up against humanity and threaten existence, Thor has to once more bring the Thunder as he did in Avengers to defeat evil once and for all.

Obviously this blog is coming out quite a while after Thor 2 hit the cinemas back in October (but even the best of us need a break!) and in all honesty - the entire plot line is now a bleary pre-Xmas blur however I do recall London getting mostly annihilated, Christopher Ecclestone playing a blinder as Dark Elf Malekith and Tom Hiddleston reprising his fallen Loki role, this time - forced into helping those he previously tried to destroy all for the greater good - enemy of my enemy is my friend and all that.

I am confident that the visual spectacle of Thor 2 will amuse the most hardcore Marvel fan base as and with most of the characters and relationships already in place - it doesn't take too long for familiar faces to reignite on the big screen.

As a Marvel fan myself I wont ever slam a Stan Lee inspired movie and seeing that most of my Christmas Stocking comprised of Marvel goodies - who am I to judge?

Oscar winner it isn't - but its damn good fun regardless!