Saturday, 5 December 2009

10, The Box

I was expecting a fast paced, action thriller with twist, turns, plot surprises and a massive "never saw that coming!" moment at the end, I could not have been more wrong if i tried.

Set in the late 70's its about a young family, she's a teacher, he's a NASA scientist, kid at school, mid American suburbia. Very quickly into the movie a box gets delivered with the premise, push the button and you get £1m, downside, someone you don't know dies. Hmmmmm, enough meat for a story - maybe, did it work?, maybe not.

At this point I was expecting guns, conspiracy theories, maybe a little sex but nope, it just seemed to plod along for about 45 minutes.

The worst thing that a dull movie can do is get confusing and unfortunately it did. The moral of the story can be identified as "what goes around, comes around" and I didn't want to spoil the end of it for you by saying Diaz dies, but she does and in a way, she should, to make the story continue to the next family who put money before life.

The the confusing bit - it's aliens. From Mars. In 1979. I think, still not entirely sure!!! But they inhabit humans making them like zombies, without the moaning and gore and all the things that make really good zombies. The are called "employees" and they appear to be everywhere, pretty much freaking out our beloved Cyclops (x-men) who ends up floating in a water cube, above his sleeping wife and then it floods the house, and they get kidnapped, then returned home, the you think you have sussed it and then it cuts to another family and.............My wife fell asleep. I can understand why.

Its not the gritty thriller I wanted for a Saturday afternoon. Its a 12a, it not scary so much to say one bit WILL make you jump (or scream if you are the girl sitting behind me!) and I took our 11 year old who enjoyed it, but did need an explanation at the end. You WILL understand the "cycle", you WILL understand the ties, you WONT leave feeling it was amazing. The Trailers make it attractive, the reality is it's not all it should be.

and I am getting REALLY bored with the Sigourney Weaver Orange Ad now - CHANGE IT !!!

See this if.......................You didn't know any better!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

9, Nativity!

So Christmas is well and truly here and so far, Christmas Movies = 2 Seen (Check!). I definitely think I've done my bit for the "Kiddie Xmas Movies" this year but to be brutally honest - I cant complain about either of them (See earlier Christmas Carol Blog)

There are a few rules when you go and see Nativity!

Rule 1 - TAKE KIDS!!! This is definitely not a movie to see without them and besides, everyone else will take their kids so you will just look silly!

Rule 2 - Don't Expect the Hollywood Elite, The kids are REAL KIDS (barring the Cheeky Monkeys from Britain's got Talent) but other than that they all are normal kids, cast for a BBC movie

Rule 3 - you will think you are watching something by Ricky Gervais, the cast include ex Office & Extras stars so don't be confused!!

Rule 4 - Smile!!, Its heartwarming.

It's not big budget, its not even well acted but it's fun. You want Hollywood to turn up and the kids are Fantastic!!!, keep an eye out for mini Elvis and the kid who's talent is turning purple - they are the best. The star of the whole movie is the Teaching Assistant, Mr Poppy, who delivers a brilliant performance even down to wearing his Parker as a cape (as we all did!) and acting, speaking and behaving throughout the whole film as a kid in the class, rather than a TA in charge of them!!

My wife cried, my daughter laughed and my M&M's ran out all too quickly. Great cameos from Alan Carr and Pam Ferris and all in all a Happy Ending!!!

See this LURVE Christmas!!!