Saturday, 31 October 2009

2, The Spiderwick Chronicles

Okay so this isn't a new film, infact its been around a while, but..... it is Halloween and it was the kiddie club flick at the cinema today (£1) so, family in tow, we all headed off.

I think it was a PG, not entirely sure but all in all it was not too bad. For those that don't know the story a mum and her 3 kids head to a spooky house in the middle of nowhere after her marriage breaks down. The house was left to them by a crazy great aunt who now resides in a nut house due to claiming her father was taken away by fairies!!!

BUT, in all good movie plot lines she was of course totally correct and roll on a barrage of goblins, hobgoblins, trolls etc. The special effects were good, with a great little "Dobby" style character who lives in the house and has done for the past 80 years. A secret book "the Field guide" is basically being hunted for by the evil baddie dude who can end the world as we know it if he gets his hands on it.

Normally you would expect Bruce Willis or Arnie to storm through right about now but our hero is none other than one of two twin brothers, who quite quickly identifies the entire history of the "chronicles" and manages to recruit his slightly nerdy twin, older irritating sister and 2 friendly creatures to assist in protecting the book and defeating the bad trolls.

Obviously after recruiting the help of the not so nutty aunt, our heroes end up saving the day and even managing to summon a griffin to rescue the 125 year old original writer of the field guide and reunite him with his daughter (the aunt) who decides to go back with him to the land of the fairies (ahhhh)

It's on Sky Movies so don't buy it. But the Trolls etc look good on the big screen so if its on near you, and is showing for a quid, you could do a lot worse.

See this if..........It's part of Kids Club or you fancy a kiddie friendly up to date "Labyrinth / Willow" style movie without the Celebs.