Thursday, 18 August 2011

135, Super 8

Time after time the worlds population is defined into categories.  Male / Female, Gay / Straight etc etc so lets try one more type of categorisation.  This time into thirds and see where you fit in.

Type 1, Those who hate monster movies
Type 2, Those who like monster movies with suspense
Type 3, Those who like monster movies full on, start to finish.

Okay, chosen where you fit in, well with me its Type 3 and if you're anything like me then sadly this movies is not going to be for you.

Remember Jaws? 70ish minutes until the first full sighting?  Well, this is similar.  There are shady movements, darkened corner appearances, rustling in bushes but no real sighting until about ten minutes before the end so if you like your alien movies with non stop aliens then this is not for you.

As for the other two types well you will both be happy.  The lack of alien presence means you get a movie that ideally focuses on the characters and this is well worth your time.  They are brilliant.

This was summed up for me quite poignantly by someone who I chat with on Facebook.  Think of the Goonies or Stand by Me.  Kid buddy movies that focus on the relationships and the "growing together" of real friends and then you quickly realise that this movie has all the aspects of the two just mentioned and the alien part becomes inconsequential and becomes just a means to an end.

If you happen to like your Alien movies full of suspense however then this is also going to be for you - the constant bush rustling and sheer volume of whats happening on screen is enough to make you jump plenty of times throughout the film.

Due to JJ Abrams and Spielberg's involvement its got all the big budget action without having to show off.  The effects are quietly impressive but in contrast it has to be one of the loudest movies I have ever seen (unless the volume was accidentally cranked up a notch too high).

On review, its actually a lot better then I first thought it was but that was only because I went into the cinema hoping for an all out Alien fest that ended up not to be.

What happened was my eyes were opened to a great movie about the friendships of a group of American kids set back in the 80's that just had a bit of the Ahhh! factor thrown in with some bravery and camaraderie not seen on the screen for quite a while.

See this're a Type 1 or 2.