Friday, 9 March 2012

182, Wanderlust

There are few things in life that are certain, luckily one of them is that at 43yrs young, Jennifer Aniston is still looking amazing and knocking out comedy classics at your local multiplex quicker than you can save up the cash and afford the petrol to go and see them and Wanderlust is no exception.

Teaming up with Paul Rudd again after the very funny Horrible Bosses, our Hollywood starlet plays an out of work entrepreneur, sadly though yet to find her niche market but nevertheless, loved up with boyfriend (Rudd).  The pair appear quite happy and content with their Manhattan lifestyles and soon buy a box apartment in the East Village which is overpriced and undersized and for a few days things go fine until Rudd is made redundant and the pair have no choice but to move in with Rudd's brother, a self obsessed Muppet who's living in ignorant bliss of his uselessness.  On-route, our happy couple accidental come across a commune where they spend an exhilarating night that opens their eyes to a whole new world. 

After a few days with the brother the pair cant wait to get away and in desperation head back to the commune as full time residents in a free love and drug fuelled environment which on the surface is all peace and love but after a few weeks they have to deal with each others expectations & temptations.

Its not just Aniston and Rudd that will make you smile in this - there are great performances from Alan Alda,   the beautiful Malin Akerman, the over hairy Justin Theroux and the very naked Joe Lo Truglio and with these four combined with a host of other equally funny commune residents this movie does tickle all the right spots.

What this movie does is manage to brilliantly is just emphasis what city dwellers are prepared to put up for their own little slice of high profile existence compared to the more rural, carefree, hassle less lives of the Forest dwellers - fair enough, the free love and drugs will not be to every ones taste but some of the morals are well received and there is no doubt that this movie is a sweet little romp in the hay with a number of laughs thrown in for good measure.

I do have to admit that I am slowly coming around to Pull Rudd, Aniston had me won over from the early days of Friends but for Paul its taken a while and it was only since Horrible Bosses that I've started to warm to him but with Aniston in tow the pair bounce well off of each other which definitely helps.

Its 91 minutes long and a great little time filler so if you've nothing else on and want a great giggle at someone elses expense then make a point to check this movie out.