Friday, 27 April 2012

192, Gone

Amanda Seyfried has been noted in a few blogs of recent years, I can say that now as I approach blog 200 but in each one she seems to 'Man-up' just a little but more and I wont be surprised if by 2020 she's the 'Angelina Jolie' of the new decade but after her meagre beginnings in  Mama Mia & Dear John and then the brilliant In Time and Red Riding Hood this one time Hollywood sweetheart is toughening up for a new generation and quickly leaving behind the defenceless girlfriend persona and making waves of her own which is nothing to be ashamed off.

'Gone' focuses on Seyfrieds character Jill who sadly is burdened with the 'Cry Wolf' tag as no one believes she was abducted and almost killed by a local psycho until her sister suffers the same demise and Seyfried sets out with cops a plenty in tow to prove her case, find her sister and catch the bad guy responsible before the night is out.
As far as action movies go this doesn't have the clout of the big boys but there is an element of suspense with the 'Is he? Isn't he?' the bad guy cropping up every now and again.  The supporting cast of Daniel Sunjata (One for the Money), Jennifer Carpenter (Faster), Sebastian Stan (Captain America) & Wes Bently (Hunger Games) all play second fiddle to Seyfried's lead role and in a way that's not a bad thing as she really stands on her own in this one, covering most of the emotions most of us only experience in an entire lifetime but in the same breath, remaining innocently cute and cuddly to the point where you just want to pick her up, take her home and tell everythings going to be alright.
This isn't turning into a gush fest for Seyfried (bar the fact all the photos are of her?) but don't get me wrong, I'm not a 'Mama Mia' fan in the slightest but the potential here is significant for future productions.  As the actual movie is not groundbreaking in any way it does seem to draw even more focus to Amanda, a kind of CV for the next 12 months which sees our Hollywood starlet appear in no less than four new releases, all unknown to me except the movie adaptation of Les' Miserables but as with the rest of you, I'm sure the appeal of A.S will lure me in and I'll gush some more.

So, before my wife gets too jealous I'll sign off - My final thought on the movie?  Well, its a disappointing end.  As usual, no spoilers here but lets just say I feel they missed a trick which was a bit of a let down and it ended as abruptly as a fart in a lift but whats not to (secretly) love about those bad boys!