Friday, 7 September 2012

217, A Few Best Men

My expectations for this movie were so high,.  A Fantastically humorous trailer - Kris Marshall (BT Adverts & My Family) + a Twilight bod, it couldn't fail to impress could it?

How wrong could I be!

The plot was great - a British take on the epic Bridesmaids but this time with Best Men, easily coming across as surpassing "The Hangover Part 2" this was the movie Britain was waiting for - it took the piss out of the Aussies, highlighted the best of British comedy and starred Grease Legend Olivia Newton-John.  But oh, how it died on its arse.

If you want to actually see the best bits of this movie just google it and watch the trailer - all you need is there.

Before I go to town on it though can I just highlight two stand out performances from aforementioned Marhall and Newton-John - you two were great and the only reason I stayed until the end - how I wish you had got together! (alas, it didn't happen)  Marshall proved that clumsy, awkward Brit humour isn't dead and as for Olivia - well, you just took the piss straight our of Australians, laughed about it with glamour and still pulled of older hottie to a tee!

The rest of you however - disappointing.

The plots simple, Brit boy meets love of life on idyllic beach (who happens to be daughter of senator)  Boy flies best mates to Oz for a 'quickie' wedding before they all really get to know each other and London high Jinx meets Aussie Senate family go down as badly as a fart in a lift.

The potential for this was epic! but it just didn't deliver.  Marshall and John aside, the rest of the cast were unengaged, slow, boring and lame.

The dad was sad, the new wife to be failed to grasp the 'babe' element needed to make the reasons for the quickie marriage worth while and the 'Hitler' moustache was just one step too far.  Add in the slightly odd drug dealer who's long lost dad was the chief of police and then the slightly random back story of the dads intentions for the daughter and what should have been a balls out comedy became completely unfunny.

However - it would be wrong of me to slate such a movie without acknowledging the overall winning part, portrayed by the soon to be 'legendry' actress known simply as Rebel Wilson.  As in Brisdesmaids, you have managed to make me laugh until I have cried and although playing complete muppet loser - have won me over every time.  It seems fitting that in the upcoming 'Pitch Perfect' you get to be one of the girls - rather than the character laughed at by them and as a saving grace to this movie (alongside Marshall and John) - you made me smile.

That said, such a shame for the rest of you. Ramsey managed to rouse a brief smile and the wedding speech has all the awkward brilliance of the Bridesmaids equivalent but other than that I was uninspired - come on England - we can do far better than this!