Sunday, 18 November 2012

225, Twilight - Breaking Dawn, Part 2

If like me you have a teenage daughter - you will be hard pressed not to know a little but about Twilight.  Breaking Dawn, Part 2 sees the 5th and final instalment of this saga of which the last 4 movies have all made the Blog. 

I had to back track to make sure I didn't contradict myself and I was quoted as saying "I'll have to wait 1yr to find out how it ends" (as I don't really do books).  Well, albeit 2 days earlier than expected I sat down to watch this closing episode and my hopes were extremely high that finally - we were going to drop some of the love guff that took up most of the preliminaries and get a proper old fashioned Vamp fest with Blood, Guts & Gore but in this episode - although the aforementioned teenage Daughter would lynch me for saying - there was no blood - a bit of a rumble in the snow but as with the preceding four movies - this is still way more love story than Action movie.

As the movies carry on immediately from each other and the last 2 movies are an adaptation of the 4th book I had to go back and see how I finished Blog No. 158;

"The Final Harry Potter movie was the far the best one they did and by the looks of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Part 2 is all geared up to be a non stop blood fest where I may finally get the all out action Vamp frenzy I have been waiting for. Be under no illusions though, this move (as with the last) is a love story - Action fanatics stay away. Let the Mrs go on her own!"

Well, looking back now I was slightly wrong - the lack of blood not present as with a Vamp on Vamp battle - seeing as none of them have any blood it was hard to spill any, but as with Harry Potter I did feel that this instalment was the best of the bunch.

It starts almost instantly after the last one ends and the story completely circles around the Volturi (Vamp Government) believing Bella and Edward are raising an Immortal child (there's a whole secton on this so dont panic if you dont know what one of these is) - something totally against Vamp law - as little Renesmee is actually of human decent, conceived by a human prior to her mothers 'turning' the Cullens have to recruit a significant number of "witnesses" to stand with them to convince the Volturi they have done nothing wrong and if deemed necessary - stand and fight!.

And that's about it really.  That said, there is one HUGE twist at the end - not in the book, to keep all those Twihards guessing, ensuring at least that everyone who goes to see it for the first time still has that 'gasp' moment towards the end and I for one don't want to spoil that but I have to say - for someone who took this movie on face value and doesn't have the besotted adoration for the plot and stories as many others around me - I too appreciated the unexpected ending and hold these 5 movies in high regard as a pretty good job well done.

The computer generated baby at the beginning is actually extremely cute with great facial expressions and a real maturity at only 2 days old which had to be animated due to the growth rate of the child but even the kids that play the part throughout  (and in total, including the main one, Mackenzie Foy there 10 of them) and the brief glimpse of an 'adult' Renesmee towards the end, the actress changes were all seamless and covered this part of the story really well.

As the the other characters - Bella finally looked great! all the colour back in her cheeks (oddly as now shes got no blood in her?) but it just showed the prowess and beauty of the Vampires.  Edward, Alice and the rest of the Vamps were their normal self's and there are a few comic moments spattered in this again, first seen  between Edward & Jacob in the last outing but now even more frequent and well received.  The 'new' Vamps were also great - each from different parts of the worlds and all with new powers - the best being the Amazon Vampires.

All that's left are the Wolves - Mr Lautner is back (much to the adoration of my daughter) and as expected, there is the gratuitous strip scene but rather than in front of Bella or another accepting female - the laughs come when its with Charlie (Bella's dad), proving one of the funniest and most awkward moments in the movie.

Personally - the movies dont do for me what they seem to do for others - even my own wife was like a kid in a sweet shop but don't get me wrong - They are a good saga of films but you have to be a fan and take more out of them than I did to really enjoy them and if this is your kind of thing then I'm confident you wouldn't find a bad word to say about them - EVER!