Sunday, 31 March 2013

250, The Host

 As regular readers will know - I'm about as far from being a book person as you can get so when Stephanie Meyers (Twilight author's) latest masterpiece hit the big screen, I was totally unaware it even existed! Whereas millions of others, totally new that it did.

I say this for one reason - I am writing this blog after seeing the movie with no pre-conceptions of what it should contain or indeed - any element of the story within, something that after reading a few other reviews and chatting to a few 'in the know' - puts me at a slight disadvantage.

Those who are fans of the book (apparently) wont like this movie - I've heard it leaves loads of the story out and as such - makes a majority of viewers feeling cheated out of  a great movie.  The rest say the book is difficult in the early days (as is the movie) but the end is phenomenal - something I didn't get at all from my viewing so before you judge please remember - I've not read the book ;)

The Host charts life in the future on Earth although its not as you know it.  A Parasitic race has taken up roots in almost all of Earths inhabitants and as such - this seemingly peaceful alien presence (known as Souls) has no need for war or destruction to right wrongs, as a matter of fact - they manage to survive without any form of money, have ended global warming and greed is a thing of the past - even crime on all levels unheard off so in all honesty - sounds pretty cool? (unless you're one of the trapped humans within) although, not everyone thinks so and a small band of rebels are keen to keep humanity alive.

So, when our leading lady Melanie (Saoirse Ronan) is taken against her will and paired with Wanderer (her alien soul) its freaks them both out that they are seemingly able to co-exist in the body, something Wanderer hasn't experienced in her other worlds and this opens up a whole questionable world of doubt that what they are doing is right - on the flip side, Melanie's feeling, thoughts and most importantly, strong-will manage to persuade Wanderer to turn her back on her race and get them both to the sanctuary of Uncle Jeb (William Hurt) who instantly see them as a threat and only after time and belief - does Jeb and the tribe of survivors welcome them both into the pack - working to understand the race and inevitably, find a way of separation for his niece without hurting the Soul - now renamed Wanda.

And that's about it - sadly, this is a slow paced movie that never really seems to pick up any steam.  The Seekers (in effect the Alien Police) are over polite and compensating except one rogue female played by Diane Kruger who's intent of making sure Melanie doesn't escape - even breaking a few of her own laws along the way - much to the complete disgust of her colleagues.

I'd like to say so many good things about this after the success of Twilight but it doesn't even come close.  I thought the movie dragged on way too long and considering the only point of the story is to get the remaining humans to believe their story then it's extremely drawn out. 

A few of the cast did shine though - Ronan herself played the lead very well, last seen (notably) in Hanna (2011) and a few others since but plenty more to come.  Also, a nice turn from Hurt himself (Jeb) as well as Jake Abel (Ian), who oddly manages to fall in love with Wanda - the Soul living inside Melanie (which is totally weird) but I'm sure the complete point of the entire book?

The end?  Well, lets just say everyone seems to get what they want to I'm not expecting another trilogy here although I've been wrong before.

I sadly can't say this was a great all round movie.  I mentioned how slow it was to get going and I know fans of the book will be disappointed so you probably wont go anyway - as for the remaining few that don't care either way - knock yourself out!