Sunday, 27 October 2013

289, Blue Jasmine

Sadly - I've never really been a Woody Allen fan.  I know this will probably cause uproar from some of my readers but I'm just not.

I understand the man stands close to genius when it comes to previous movies and his work is highly regarded by many but I find them a little slow and meaningless.  Whimsical romantic stories with stunning and notable casts but just aimed at an entirely different audience that that of myself.

So - when I sat down to Blue Jasmine and having no actual clue what it was about my heart sank when I saw it was written and directed by the man above.

This movie is a 50/50 mix between present day and flashbacks of a life led by Jasmine (Cate Blanchett) having to rebuild her life after hubby Hal (Alec Baldwin) is outed as a fraud and subsequently banged up. 

Now homeless and seeking refuge from her far less wealthy sister who she's ignored for years to the point of actually losing them a lottery fortune when she advised her sister and hubby to invest in a hotel of Hal's that went 'unexpectedly' under but refusing to take any blame - Jasmine plods through life supposedly unaware of her wandering hubby and his dodgy dealings and their life together makes up half the story with the other half coming to terms with having to work and find new love.

Basically - that's covered it.  Jasmine's fear of being alone and not looked after means she falsifies her life story to impress new weatlhy suitors in a bid to gain back her 'Gucci' lifestyle, to the point of even convincing her sister she can do far better than new beau - who she paired up with after the hubby left as a result of the lottery loss.

On the whole - Jasmine comes across as a deluded wannabee - expecting everything to be handed to her without lifting a finger to help anyone and by the time the movie ends - she gets her just desserts.

That's it for this blog - Woody Allen fans will love it I'm sure but sadly, I'm not one of them.