Monday, 2 May 2011

113, Red Riding Hood

Having seen this trailer a while ago it had "Tim Burton" written all over it, bit with the lack of any casting from Bonham-Carter it became apparent that he actually had nothing to do with it.  Instead it is Twilight Director Catherine Hardwicke who has turned her hand to recreating one of the most famous tales of all time.

And the comparisons to Twilight are remarkable!  Okay, so there is no Vampires but the wolf is played out as a Werewolf, initially being thought to live up in the mountains but after the arrival of Werewolf & Witch hunter Gary Oldman we discover the enemy lies withing and one of the villagers has a dark secret to hide.

All throughout the movie they play around with who it might be, little snippets of eyes and voices, statements etc lead you down a few paths but when the wolf is discovered, well................don't panic - I'm not that mean!

The best bit of this is the set.  A small village in who knows where, snugly settled in the forest with log cabins and open fires.  Given the constant snow cover, quite a warm and cosy little hamlet.  Being Hollywood, most of the village ladies are stunning!  Amanda Seyfried leads the way in a slightly more darker role than she has portrayed before as our normal on screen Sweetheart has taken a bit of sinister, troublesome teen turn as Valerie, our lady with the Red Cape.  Other famous faces include the already mentioned Gary Oldman, Charlie from Twilight (Billy Burke) and a welcome return (albeit quite short lived) from Stargate legend Michael Shanks.

So, the plot - Well, after 10 or so years of peace due to regular annual sacrifices the "wolf" has left our little village of wherever alone.  A medieval cluster of blacksmiths and farmers live out their basic lives until the Blood Moon bears down upon them and the Werewolf returns to reek havoc on this unlikely band of warriors. 

Thinking they have killed it early on, (very "Jaws") a band of soldiers, led by a Priest arrive with a manner of traps and tricks to lure the beast out for capture but there is more than just meets the eye and the wolf has rhyme and reason (and quite freakishly) a voice for what its doing and goes about a particular line of attacks to get what it wants.

The special effects are not as good as Twilight, the Wolf in particular is quite lame in comparison and up until it speaks to Seyfried I was totally into the movie - but then it just gave way a little.  not sure why, it was a good film but just got a little cheesy in the middle.

Dont let this put you off though, Grandma's house in the forest is brilliantly made and there are the "Grandma, what big eyes you have" lines thrown in for good measure.  Having Amanda in it means there has to be an underlying love story, which of course there is so the romantic ones out there will have something to celebrate but being a 12a the most you get to see is a slight roll around in the hay, not a full on Medieval romp, but never mind.  There is always next time!

That's it really.  The movie does leave a few questions, mainly how is everybody keeping warm in frilly summer dresses in the deep winter snow but that's just me being my normal over analytical self, ignore me.

Is it for the kids? Well, its a 12a but after having mine now forever petrified (to the point of tears) of clowns after watching "The Hole 3D" I tread a little more carefully when approaching this slightly bewildering age certificate.  Personally, my 7 year old would have been frozen to her seat but 12 and above, they should be fine. 

Its not around for much longer so if like me, this is the only thing left at the multiplex still to see then catch it while you can.  It wont win any awards but it fills a Sunday evening.

See this if.....................................................What big Teeth you Have!