Saturday, 14 May 2011

115, Priest

Its about time we had a proper vampire movie.  No room here for floppy haired, pasty "don't want to eat anybody" wimpy heartthrobs.  Vamps should be nasty, no mercy critters with a true thirst for blood and look mean as hell to go with it.

Set in an apocalyptic "Mad Max" style world we have 2 races, Humans and Vampires who have warred for years with the humans apparently becoming victorious under the lead of a group of Priests.  A legendary martial arts & weapons trained fraternity of biblical worshipers who defeat vampires with swift ease and deadly style.

We are quickly bought in to this realm buy a great little 5 minute anime cartoon which shows the story of the great war and how the humans come to gain supremacy over the vampires. 

After being sent to prison camps the vampires are supposed to be a distant memory until an old adversary shows his head again and leads them to a 2nd coming.

There are some great parts to this movie.  Firstly, the lead Paul Bettany is his normal amazing self and carries this type of role easily as he did in Davinci Code, just not as evil!  On a mission to rescue his niece from a rogue vampire squadron our hero breaks his code of secrecy and heads out into the wasteland to take on an army of blood sucking Vampires.

This is a 12, not a 12A and in 3D there are plenty of jumpy bits to keep you on your toes.  Certs have definately got a bit more relaxed recently, my daughter could have seen this but I am convinced she would have jumped right out of her seat!

With other vampire movies the vamps are just like humans with dodgy teeth and a slightly "near death" complexion.  In this, those stereotypes are there but called "familiars", humans who have sided with the vamps - the actual vampires are hideous, blinded, all teeth, animal like creatures who awake at dusk with only one thing on their mind.  Living in hives they excrete, eat and roar their way through desolate wasteland, demolishing everything that comes in their path.

I was not expecting great things from this movie but I was completely overwhelmed. 

I loved it. 

The effects were great, the battles were epic, the weaponry on show were impressive and the motorbikes with their tagged on jet engine and 300mph thrust buttons were awesome.

There are plenty of other great actors in this and all playing great roles but its actually all about Bettany.  He rocks in this and if its still on at your local multiplex and you fancy a bit of an unexpected thrill then check this one out in awesome 3D before they take it off.

Hopefully you will love it too!

See this if.......................There is more to Vampires than a floppy hair cut!