Wednesday, 1 June 2011

120, The Hangover Part II

I can not describe how much I was looking forward to this movie - I loved the first one - a true blokes movie.  Stag-do, Booze, shenanigans and Mike Tyson - what was not to love.

The sequel however is a little darker.  The language has stepped up a level as has the graphic content and its lucky to get away with the 15 cert its been given.  Alan (Zach) is completely in a different from the start.  Yes, he was always "weird" but this time he is scarily so - quite protective of his beloved wolf pack yet quite sadistic in his methods of self preservation.  He actually starts out quite annoying in this and not the lovable muppet from the first outing but you quickly warm up to him.

As before, Justin Bartha (Doug) manages to miss the whole thing and the action is purely centered around Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis (Phil, Stu & Alan) with the brilliant Mr Chow back for second helpings as this time we are on his home soil.

Take out the heartthrob Cooper for a minute - this one is all about Stu.  This time its his stag-do, fresh from divorcing the awesome Heather Graham he has now found himself with another hottie, this time of oriental decent hence the abroad wedding and as before he also ends up with the brunt of the issues surrounding the "fabled" night out. What this guy gets up to in the space of a few hours would make the biggest party animals among us jealous (well, nearly all of it - there is one bit he can definitely keep to himself!) and he even admits at the end that his "demon within" sometimes needs to get out - and my goodness it does in this one!

The action is faster paced, the language and "items" on display are far more in your face and the debauchery is second to none - all I can say is that its one mental Bangkok ride.

Yes, Mike Tyson is in it again but more as a party piece than he was in the 1st movie - shame - he comes across a bit of a tit (Sorry Mike, If you're reading) and his role in Part 1 was far more required than it was in No.2.

Cooper swoons into the ladies hearts as before with the worlds most understanding wife and the only time he really lifts an eyebrow from the audience is the diner scene, with baby in tow he drops every ones favourite swear word (Yes readers, its back!) and a gasp is heard from the back of the cinema - then a chuckle then a realisation that the Hangover Part II is not going to hold anything back.

Great little cameo from Paul Giamatti but for me its Ken Jeong (Mr Chow) & Ed Helms (Stu) that deserve the credit for this one.

If there is ever a Part III then they will have to stop short of a full blown war to better the events of this night out!

See this ever woke up thinking......What?, did I?..........NEVER!!!