Wednesday, 2 March 2011

97, Drive Angry

Every now and again the best of us needs an escape!!  Being male, that normally involves a movie that's got guns, over the top action, random obscenities from the outset, nudity, sex (lots of sex), more guns, the devil and finally - awesome muscle cars.  tie that all in with an 18 cert so we know it will be done properly.

And so not be be gender specific - I know there are girls out there who this appeals to as well!!

If I said Drive Angry had all of the above then I would not be far wrong.  Yes the plots a bit dodgy, Nic Cage escapes from Hell to track down a cult leader who killed his daughter and kidnapped his granddaughter while the Devil send along his right hand man to bring him back.

The Devils helper is after Cage, Cage is after the cult and the cult are about to sacrifice the baby which is where the movie climaxes in an all out battle of Evil, Vs, Evil Vs, Evil.?

The Quote "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" kind of rings true in this and once the Devils Helper finds out the reason for Cage's escape gives him a little slack in pressing for a return to Hell and although does not directly get involved, has a slight helping hand in Cage doing the right thing.

so, the Sex, nudity and swearing is constant and pretty much throughout - which is actually pretty cool!!!  Cage is his normal, monotoned, dreary self with a dry wit a fast mouth but its William Fichtner (The Devils Accountant) and Amber Herd (Hot, Steamy accomplice) who well and truly steal the show.

Yes there are some dreadful one-liners, yes there is gratuitous sex and swearing that may seem out of place but its an 18!! and with that nowadays comes a level of un-required explanation as to why its there - it just is!!

So, Male / Female? - If I had to pick it would a Guy's movie but one with a possibility slight likability from the ladies in your life.  If watching blond barmaid's bouncing on Nic Cage floats your boat!! ;-)

Its a little tacky, but The cars rock!! and the sheer arrogance of the Accountant as well as his sheer power makes him extremely warming, even though he is the bringer of souls but that's whats cool about it, Maybe Hell could be cool with this guy in charge.  Amber has been in everything from The O.C to Zombieland and is rumoured to be in the new TV series, Playboy so being a real life hottie / bi-sexual might be one of her many talents exposed - along with two more that easily spring to mind!!!

The 3D is pretty good - there are a few "leap out" moments and Cage is plain old Cage - don't expect anything different.

I loved it - Hopefully you will too but only if you leave your dignity at the door!!

See this if............................................Queen said it best...."I want to break Free!!!"