Saturday, 12 March 2011

100, Battle: Los Angeles

There is nothing, absolutely nothing I like better at the cinema than a great Sci-fi flick. 

Since my early years I have been enthralled by alien movies right back to Alien, Predator etc.  I don't know why, but if done right they are amazing - Independence Day is one of my all time favourite movies and last year we were given Monsters & Skyline which in my eyes, both failed to impress on epic levels.  Even a few years back with District 9 I have felt no one has actually made a great alien movie since Smith and Goldblum used a virus to take out a mother ship.

So - When I first started seeing the trailers for this a few months back I started to get a little sweaty with anticipation that my faith and love of this genre was soon to be restored.  Also, the humans should win which sadly we have failed to do at the cinema recently so whats the point!!

Luckily I was not wrong - Battle: Los Angeles is an epic, action fuelled roller coaster of an Alien movie with an invasion of earth that beats anything you will have ever seen on the screen before. 

The special effects are mind numbingly spectacular and performances from Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez and Ne-Yo (who was actually brilliant) made this movie not just visually stunning but an acting masterclass as well.

Its not too scary, not too jumpy and the U.S Marines certainly kick ass against a formidable opponent.  What I will say is that after the other two disasters from last year this was a fabulous breath of fresh air!

Every baddie alien race needs a mother ship and this has followed Independence Day brilliantly with the unknown species positioning itself over the globes major cities with a structured, organised attack with an aim to colonise the world and take advantage of the water available, making Earth with a 70% land / water ratio one of the only planets worth attacking.

The aliens are awesome, like before - organic matter with strong shielding and the ships and weaponry are beyond comprehensible.

It takes wit, bravery and determination in the face of almost certain destruction to be victorious and Eckhart and his band of warriors face danger like a dog on heat, striving to keep pushing forward and eventually, stand victorious.

Okay, so that may be a little spoiler but I'm an old fashioned movie buff who loves a happy ending and you all should know, this is a great Alien invasion movie so don't panic - you wont be wasting a penny!

The action kicks in before the screen has even faded up at the start and then its about 15 minutes of introduction before the remaining 2hrs movie really takes hold.  I had sweaty palms, aghast expression and even the annoying oiks behind me faded into nothingness as I watched, captivated from start to finish.

It definitely has its tragic moments and the "will they/wont they" situations are scattered vigorously between moments of rest bite, but its non-stop throughout and I totally loved it.

If you have been disappointed in Monster / Alien movies since the late 90's then pack up your popcorn and go and see this NOW - before it goes into the minor auditoriums.  Screen 1 - Go Tonight!

See this if...............................................Deep down, you know we should always win!!