Saturday, 26 March 2011

104, Faster

So this movie actually came from now where, no trailers, no idea!! I know "The Rock" is starring in the new Fast & Furious movie due out this year but "Faster" on IMDB was labelled as a 2010 release?  anyway, Randomness over and onto the movie.

Firstly Dwayne,  Now back in the WWE for a while all prepping up for Wrestlemania XXVII he is definitely back to his normal uber-muscly self.  He is HUGE in this one, playing an ex-con back robber on the hunt for the gang that ambushed and killed his Brother after a bank raid.  So he's a nasty, but as with the best movie, one we are on side with.  As with Fast 5, he plays a cop but we all know even though he's the good guy we are rooting for Walker & Diesel to get away - and the same with this one.  Yes he's the bad guy but when the "competing" cop assigned to the case turn out to be drug addict, generic loser Billy-Bob Thornton (In the movie that is - Loving the Thornton!) They do seem a little mis-matched.

Luckily there is another card to this deck, a successful British assassin, also assigned to take out Johnson as he starts picking off one by on the crew that originally took him down.

This is a gritty action movie - visually dusty, it is set mostly on the back roads of the more "under developed" USA and that makes this a great backdrop for this movie.  Thornton does not play New york Cop very well but in this he is brilliant.

Now onto the Cars, this could be a great intro to Fast 5 with Dwayne's choice ride being a 1970's Chevelle SS (OMG! Its a beaut!) and the Assassins being a hot Silver Ferrari.  Its easy to name the characters also, yes they have names but they are billed as Cop, Driver, Killer, Guard, Telemarketer, Receptionist etc - the list goes on which make the plot simple.

Cop wants Driver Dead. Killer wants Drive Dead.  Driver wants everyone else Dead.  Easy?  Good.

I really enjoyed it.  The Rock looks awesome and if like me your a true Wrestling fan from days gone by i am about as excited as the Peoples Elbow returning to the big screen as I am the 5th Fast & Furious movie and now I am all revved up and ready for some great Summer Blockbusters to fill the blog space.

There is a great twist at the end of this that some of you may work out, albeit not me!! and its worth it.

If Cars, Guns and a gritty story line are up your street then this is for you.  Think "Payback" but with a bit more meat in it.  That should get in you in the right frame of mind.

I cant really fault it - Loved it.

See this if........................Can you Smeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllll what the Rock is Cooking!