Saturday, 19 March 2011

101, Hall Pass

Most of us are nearly there - middle? aged men who still honestly believe we have all the pulling prowess we did 20 years ago! 

Well, some of us might however if the belly is getting wider, the hair is getting thinner and the musical tastes are appearing dated then chances are if we hit the clubs in the true light of day, making a bee line for the first hottie under 25 we would (sadly) come across as old, desperate pervs!! And that's the beauty of this movie. 

It takes a group of married, middle aged men who constantly ogle younger women, sometimes in direct view of their extremely tolerant wife's, unbeknown to them that they know....we think they don't know, but they know.

So, after a meet and greet where the wife's just end up laughing at the attempts of their over confident and under impressionable other halves trying to casually check out other women without being noticed that its agreed a "Hall Pass" is in order - it does not come lightly as its a "week off" from Marriage, a chance to get back out in the big wide world, free from responsibility or regret and sow whatever oats need a sowing before settling back into the rest of their lives.

And its exactly as you'd expect, Lots of man-gags. 

Day 1 - A lust of wine and steak in preparation for a night of clubbing and debauchery leaves them tired and exhausted by 9.30pm and by Day 2 its X-Box and video gaming that take preference. Day 3 and with half the week left the chat up lines taken from "how NOT to chat up Women" are going down like lead balloons.  Day 4 & 5 pass with no real danger of our guys getting any action, infact - if these guys did ever get approached they would probably miss the signs anyway. 

But when the cats are away its the mice who seem to be getting the attention with the Wife's spending a week with family seeming to get more attention then they bargained for and without knowing it are attracting a following of buff guys who are revelling in their mature beauty.

There is far more in this blog on the story than normal but I am sure they have captured this brilliantly.  Yes, as a race of middle aged, slightly bloated guys we feel we still could have any girl we wanted but come across cheesy and old whilst on the other hand, our lovely women who probably don't get enough compliments and time spent on them can easily pick up Mr Dreamy with just a small eyelash flutter and some vibrant lippy!

There are a few laugh out loud moments that are as disgusting as they are funny - take specific note to the Bathroom and Sauna scenes and the cast, which include Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis, Christina Applegate & Jenna Fischer are okay in the leading roles. 

For me its the smaller part actors that steal the show - Stephen Merchant is laughably the best with his Brit Geeky persona shining through in this and hang around after the credits for a 5 minute chuckle fest that is not to be missed.

The cert 15 rating is backed up by some full on nudity on both male and female parts and a certain scene will have the guys feeling inadequate and proud at the same time!!

Its toilet humour with a great moral.

See this if...........................................You think you could still be "The Man!" before reality kicks in.