Sunday, 20 March 2011

102, The Lincoln Lawyer

Matthew McConaughey (forthwith to be referred to as MM) has had some pretty funny roles to date - although with not much happening since 2008 it was his Tropic Thunder appearance that has relaunched him and with 4 movies set to drop in 2011 we will be seeing a lot more of him very soon - and if this movie is anything to go by, I for one cant wait!

Everybody loves a good Court Room Drama, but most of the time that is all they are - this breaks the mould.  Its a gritty Street movie with a courtroom background.  The Lincoln part of the title refers to MM's car / office.  He travels everywhere in it along with his personal driver and the way clients book appointments seem to be pulling up along side him.

The case this time in question is a battery charge where the accused, Ryan Phillipe who, coming from a wealthy background expects immediate support from our defence attorney but this time MM cant turn a blind eye to whatever the "Facts" may be as the case seems and all too familiar with another from 5 years precious and our Lawyer must battle with his own demons to do whats right!

Cryptic enough? well, sadly I spoiled the ending of Battle: LA for most of you so this time I promise - no spoils!

Marisa Tomei is brilliant as the ex-girlfriend & mother of their daughter, separated due to to work differences (she's the prosecuting attorney) and although keeps alot more clothes on in this than she did in the Wrestler plays a blinder.  The ever young looking Ryan Phillipe plays the spoilt rich kid (again.....Yawn!) but after playing this same role time after time has finally nailed it and comes across conceited, dark and amazing!

The best character in this for me was William H. Macey as the investigator - he is quirky, funny and has madly long hair! but killer moustache aside, he is everyones favourite right had man and although to my knowledge has never held a leading role does what he does better than any supporting actor, ever.

Its gritty, funny & manages to capture the suspense of court alongside some street action and dodgy dealings.  The life of what could easily be any American (under the radar) Lawyer - cash deals, smart, witty and playing the game.

Its a nice break from Sci-Fi and Special Effects and although its not got the presence of "A few good men" the court scenes are captivating and inspiring.

No much to think about - everything gets explained eventually buts I loved it - Good Movie.

See this if...........................You like your legal battles served up nicely with your crime dramas!