Sunday, 6 March 2011

98, Unknown

I am trying to do my best not to make this the worlds shortest ever movie review!!  The reason for this is if I start actually chatting about the film, plot etc I may mistakenly give away one tiny detail of what happens and that would be unforgivable as the movie itself deserves every ounce of secrecy I can bestow upon it.

But Why? - Well, in my eyes there are a few movies in my lifetime that you would only ever watch once.  Not because they are not fantastic, on the contrary they are awesome - however once the twist is discovered they lose every ounce of the "edge of the seat" suspense that made them great in the first place.  Much like a one hit wonder, We listen to it once, love it - then put it into an archive, to be fondly remembered for the rest of time.

This is what Unknown does.  It is an absolutely fantastic film.  Liam Neeson just gets better and better and after roles in Taken & The A-Team I am convinced it will be awhile before he does a crap one!!  The rest of the cast is also superb as is the suspense and action throughout.

But I am resigned to staying tight lipped in relation to the plot and the ending.  You have to watch it while its at the cinema because if you fork out £15 on the Blu-Ray you will only end up watching it once and it will do nothing after but gather dust!!! 

Remember Sixth Sense? - Great movie but how many times have you seen it? - Whats the point? Plot spoiler takes the suspense out of it and seeing as its all about the finale build up, once known - it loses its appeal. 

Although what I will say is don't panic - Neeson is not dead!!

So - not so much a blog about this movie but what it stands for - see it to believe it - very gripping.

See this if..............................You nails need a' biting!