Sunday, 6 March 2011

99, Rango

OMG!!!  100 Movie Blogs.  Never thought I would make it.  Doing the math that's £850 on movie tickets, £200 on M&M's and about £255 on Cappuccino's.  (Or £243 with the cineworld pass!! - a bargain!)

So, what illustrious movie gets to be No.100 - Well, as you guessed its a kids movie but one that's a little different.

Jonny Depp never really does anything normally, even when given the lead in a the new animations its always a little darker and devious that say Gnomeo & Juliet or Toy Story 3.  Yes, Characters die, Yes, There is almost some swearing, Yes there are bats, snakes, spiders and a dodgy Turtle and Yes, Kids under 8 may be a little jumpy but on the whole its a thumbs up.

Rango is a pet Lizard (Chameleon) who, after a car crash ends up with his travel tank bouncing out a back window of a car travelling down the expressway of the Mohave Desert and our house lizard has to fend for himself with the real wild animals of the hot, drought ridden city of Dirt.

Depp is brilliant in this and adopts a voice style similar to that of legendary creations of Jack Sparrow & The Hatter - He is one of my favourite character actors and seems to only get better and better.

Reading down the cast list the names may not be that familiar the faces definitely are with the other lead being held up beautifully by Isla Fisher and secondary roles including Ray Winstone & Bill Nighy, believe me - the list goes on.

Its a little dark and I did feel about 3/4 of the way though it was becoming a bit drawn out, however you cannot fault the animation - its brilliant and its not been sucked into feeling the need to be done in 3D.  This shows that you can stay old school and still be visually awesome.

The music saw the same feeling bestowed upon me the fist time I led John Marston into Mexico over the Rio Grande (Red Dead Fans will know what I mean) and that subtle guitar is constant throughout with a quad of Mexican owls narrating our story from start to finish. 

There is plenty to keep the kids entertained throughout as Rango himself is hilarious as the wannabe sheriff, pitting more luck than judgement against some local town nasties until a plot, not too distant from that of the 3 Amigos reared its head and our average Joe has to take a real stand!

To be honest - and I have said this before - it did seem a little long for an animation but I think this needs to be thought of in a different light - Think more along the lines of a True Grit for the younger generation with some added talking animals and a cameo from who I completely believed to be Clint Eastwood until the credits roled.

A Wild West adventure that is a million times better than Wild Wild West (although most things are) and one that your beloved youngsters will watch from behind a pillow.  Its not that scary really!

So,  Depp fans will love it and the animation is some of the best 2D I have ever seen.

See this if.......................................animation does not always have to be sweet!!!