Sunday, 10 July 2011

128, Larry Crowne

I know I have been a bit late blogging this one - I had to postpone it for at least a week as there is noting new coming out AT ALL! until Friday when Harry Potter 7 (pt2) graces us with its presence but with that being the only new release I have quickly run out of movies to watch!!

Question? What happens when two of Hollywood's most famous faces get together?  Well, normally you could easily expect Box Office smashes from Hanks and Roberts and in their day, easily commanded some of the highest salaries around.  Sadly, this does not paint the same picture and feels a bit like Tom had nothing to do for a while so penned a movie, roped best buddy Julia in, gave a small bit part to the wife and hires Cedric the Entertainer for comedic value as well as a hapless bunch of classmates and thrown it all together in a weekend, just because they can!

This is a kind of "nothing" movie - I was hoping for a glowing review, mesmerised in the same capacity as The Blind Side that had me hooked from the opening scene but it just was not there.

I cant completely slate it though, its not that bad a movie.  The parts are played really well and Hanks goes from slightly awkward retail nerd to a pretty cool college grad by the end (with a little help obviously) and Roberts plays the "cant be bothered" lecturer with a marriage in the gutter and every determination not to attend work.    These performances paired with Cedric playing the nosey neighbour who's line of work revolves around a 24/7 yard sale and a gaggle of odd but amusing classmates does command some giggles throughout and there is a great "get your own back" moment which we could all do with at one time or another but apart from that, this movie just seemed to bubble along being innocent and slightly empty.

Is this the official end of an era?  Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts who have each made us smile, cheer, cry and fall in love over and over again.  Two actors from way before RealD, Two actors who each held the limelight both on stage and off it finally being replaced by the modern world of high drama, visual masterpieces and 3D?  Well, maybe.

Hanks last acting role was Angels and Demons in 2009, (not forgetting Woody in Toy Story 3 - 2010) and mostly his work in now producing which he gets far less credit for but overall, it was nice to see him back on the big screen.  Roberts is set to star as the Evil Queen in Snow White (coming 2012) and like Hanks, her last movie in 2010 (Eat, love, Pray) was not one of my favourites but she is forever the Pretty Woman and that's how she will stay.

Luckily, its not mind numbingly boring.  There are, as I mentioned a few glimmering moments and seeing as nothing else is due out for at least another week or two those regular movie goers will be hard pressed this week to see something new!  So, as a little time waster you cant go that wrong.  Just don't expect Oscar performances.

See this if..............................You've seen everything else!