Saturday, 30 July 2011

130, Horrible Bosses

Well, The Whirlwind that is Harry Potter has now been and gone and finally some new(er) movies are starting to grace our local multiplexes so its time go get my head out of Hogwarts and back into some down to earth, good old fashioned movie going.

Which leads me to Horrible Bosses.

After the disappointing Hangover 2 and the absolutely brilliant Bridesmaids I was hoping for the latter to rear its head and this movie to offer up some hilarious goings on.  Lets start with the bosses.  Here the big hitters really come into their own with Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey and by far the funniest, Colin Farrell.  Lets start in reverse order - Colin is brilliant with a character extremely reminiscent of Tom Cruise's epic Les Grossman.  Its the sleaze and the pure rudeness that get the giggles with this one.  Kevin Spacey plays the egotistical power hungry Sales Director and the gorgeous Jennifer Aniston is the sex crazy Dentist who still looks amazing (and demonstrates it to great effect).

Now the "employees".  The increasingly present Jason Bateman is probably the most recognisable with Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis backing him up.

So the story, We have 3 downtrodden employees whose lives are made miserable by their "Horrible Bosses".  After taking all they can they finally break out a plan to employ a "Murder Consultant" (Jamie Foxx) who turns out to be a costly misconception but never the less they plod on and what develops is quite a comedic roller coaster of a movie.

On the bosses side Aniston is Hot, Spacey is mean and Farrell is just plain ridiculous.  For the employees, Bateman is his normal, down to earth self, Sudeikis is the moral less hound dog and Day grabs all the chuckles.

The pure naivety of our 3 wannabe murderous being as normal as they possibly could gives me a slight insight to how I would probably behave if I hated by boss!  They try to act all bad-ass but in reality none of them have a bad bone in their body and this shows with hapless attempt after hapless attempt and in the end its a sweet turn of circumstance and the assistance of a generic Sat Nav assistant that wins the day.

This for me fits in with all those little comedy movies that pop up every now and again, well acted, well written and with jokes that you cant help laughing along too.

If you were too manly to sit through Bridesmaids and missed out on the best comedy of the year then this might take a little bit of that regret away.  Its by far better than Hangover 2 and you may even fall in love with Aniston - all over again!.

See this need something different from Wizards!