Wednesday, 9 November 2011

155, In Time

Picture the scene - no one ages over 25 years old as far as looks are concerned but on your 25th birthday your clock starts ticking.  1yr to go until death and in a world without money you earn and spend time.  The rich live for seemingly ever with so much time they literally live their lives carefully with accidental death being their only possible demise and the poor, well they live minute to minute and fight everyday to stay alive where a 4 minute charge for a cup of coffee or a 90 minute bus fare could result in them not getting to work, ever again.  For the rich on the other hand, a new futuristic E-Type Jag will set you back a few hundred years so its all relative!

This is explained early on with J.T's mum (supposedly 50 years old) played by the beautiful Olivia Wilde (House, Tron Legacy) who looks no older than 25.  I know, slightly random when chatting up girls as your catch could be anything between 25 and 200 but never mind, all part of the fun. 

So, a world where no one ages over 25? sounds great doesn't it, but its all too much for one rich kid who in a bid for freedom bumps into Timberlake in a bar and after having his arse saved by our leading man gifts him his accumulated Century of time and J.T sets about making a break for the high life.

Just to put this all into perspective the below photo is a wife, daughter and mother-in-law, see what I mean - Tricky!

This is a unique look at a potential future and although highly improbable does make for a great watch.  Other characters including the Timekeeper (Cop) Cillian Murphy (Scarecrow in Batman) and Amanda Seyfried (Mamma Mia, Red Riding Hood) are both brilliant and more on these two later.

Firstly, Timberlake himself.  After hitting form with The Social Network and then laugh out loud comedy Friends with Benefit,s J.T seems to be a million miles away from his N-Sync and Mr Spears days and hopefully the dodgy pop past is now well and truly behind him as he continues to impress on the big screen. 

The on-screen relationship with him and Seyfried as the Bonnie and Clyde meets Robin Hood styled time thief's is mesmerising and really draws you into the plot line, in a way knowing what they are doing is bad but totally getting it and almost sitting alongside in the back seat as they dish out time to all who need it the most.

Murphy is the ethical Timekeeper and although hunting down J.T and Amanda, in effect making him our movie villain you have to admire the characters self disregard to milking the system and literally living on borrowed time, most of the time which could easily have been written the opposite way as a dirty cop but that would certainly not have had the same impact.

There is a great plot line between Seyfried and her father who basically runs the whole "time" thing and the contrast between New Greenwich and the Ghetto, even down to the poor running everywhere to "save time" is brilliantly explained and easily understood.

It could have had a bit more action for my liking, the trailer builds it up to be a non stop thrill ride but there is definitely more story and plot lines that you first imagine there could be but fear not, for those boys who's Mrs drag them along to see the "Trousersnake" in action Seyfried does not disappoint either with a cute bob an a very expensive bra, either that or she has had significant work done since Mamma Mia!

Really impressed with this one so if you get the chance, don't let time pass you buy (chortle!)