Sunday, 20 November 2011

158, Twilight - Breaking Dawn, Part 1

It was all the way back in July 2010 that my 45th Blog was about Twilight Eclipse.  The Penultimate book in the Vampire Saga that made heartthrobs of then Ex Harry Potter Star R-Pats and my daughters favourite - Mr Taylor Lautner.

Well, not much has changed in the near on 18 months since our heroes last adorned our screen.  Firstly, My Daughter is still besotted with Lautner (I'm guessing she is not alone) and the story is still one of love and romance, not blood sucking horror - Shame!

So, Breaking Dawn Part 1.  The is where the story starts to wind itself up with the long coming marriage of Bella and Edward much to the anger of Jacob.  Dad is still none the wiser of her daughters life choices and the family of Vamps are as attractive as they have been previously.

However, if you thought Eclipse was slow then this one is even worse!  I know, I'll get lynched for slating this but the whole first hour is a ploddy, lovey dovey story line where everything is perfect, the marriage is beautiful, the honeymoon is awe inspiring, Werewolves and Vampires are getting on, The Voltori are no where to be seen and you really start to wonder if you are going to get any blood and teeth at all!

Well, in my mind it was all about the 2nd part of the movie where things stated to come to life.  The last 40 minutes really ramped up the action with some great special effects and a real teaser set up in to the final installment due out in another 12 months - Even Harry Potter did not make us wait that long between the final two movies.

Its tough  to say any more about it - I don't want to give the plot away but chances are if you are a fan then you have read the books and know the ending.  If not, then a brief heads up that hopefully wont spoil too much!  The "baby" is adorable - I don't think anyone will mind me saying that and the twist for the "non" literate of you (including me) who have not read ahead  comes between Jacob and the Baby but that all becomes clear as the story progresses.

There is definitely more flesh on show in this one than previous outings.  For starters, Taylor lasts all of about 32 seconds into the movie before whipping out the abs and even Bella bares far more shoulder and thigh than her quiet and normally reserved self would allow and the pretty side of Kristen finally starts to shine though towards the end of this movie and you know that in the next one it will be hard to find someone more glam than her on screen - you will see what I mean!

The last part of this really does capture you and take you along for a ride and even I was left wanting the final part to come along quicker than is planned but whats 12 months after all, it will be here before we know it!

By the way, don't get up and leave thinking its over after seeing Bella's eyes.  Hang around for the end credits and catch a little extra bit which re-introduces the Voltori and their "plans" for the Cullen's which is where the final installment takes you, and it looks good!

The Final Harry Potter movie was the far the best one they did and by the looks of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Part 2 is all geared up to be a non stop blood fest where I may finally get the all out action Vamp frenzy I have been waiting for.  Be under no illusions though, this move (as with the last) is a love story - Action fanatics stay away.  Let the Mrs go on her own!