Saturday, 11 February 2012

173, Underworld: Awakening

Here we are.  Underworld Number 4, or 'Awakening' for the avid fans.  Its been 9 years since Underworld 1 launched onto the big screen with its beautiful scenery shots and its cute 'Beckinnsdale in leather' shots made vampires sexy, way before Twilight ever made its mark. 

Sadly, I am ashamed to say I have not managed to keep up with the plot.  I don't actually recall watching parts 2 or 3 and in all honesty, part 1 doesn't actually ring any bells.  What I can say is that if there ever was a realistic plot behind these movies it was forgotten long ago with the point of this outing mainly focusing on blood, gore and Kate's cute ass.

That's a little harsh maybe, it does have some excellent redeeming features and this movie will easily be lost on anyone without a cinema scale sound system installed in their private theatre.  That's to say the sound track in this is the best thing about the entire movie.  Lycans, Vampires, Humans.  There all back but who or what their individual roles are I cant comment on, mainly as admitted earlier I've not kept up but what I can say is that if you want a movie experience that will make your stomach vibrate with bass so deep it makes you uncomfortable in your seat then this is the movie for you.

There is blood, there is death and Kate manages to pull of the sexy Vamp look with complete ease.  Mix that with one of the greatest bass lines I've ever heard and you have a cinema experience like no other.  

For those of you who have managed to stay tuned for the past 9 years the story is there if you look closely enough.  If you actually care then F.Y.I, Lycans are evolving in secret with the Vampires seeking solace underground away from the humans before Kate's return after a 12 year gap and she discovers she's mummy to a daughter, conceived while she was frozen and ends up being final reincarnation of Lycan meets Vamp and the key to the Lycans survival.  Hunted by Lycans its Kate who has to defend her kin while working out what happened to Michael (keep up) who is believed dead but as expected, we are again left open to Underworld 5 (not yet announced).

One thing is for certain, Beckinsdale's performance in this seems methodical, whereas my hope is that her role in the upcoming re-make of Arnie masterpiece Total Recall as Sharon Stone's character Lori is set to be awesome - for 80's movie fans like myself that is anyweay! (okay, so it was made in 1990 - forgive me 1 year?)

If Blood, Bass and Bums is your thing then you'll love it.  If you care for the other three then you'll love it.  If you couldn't care less, you could still love it.  As for me, well it passed the time.