Wednesday, 15 February 2012

176, This Means War

The Words 'Tom Hardy' and 'Comedy' go together like A Nun and a Knocking Shop and based on his previous turns in Tinker Tailor, Inception & TVs, The Take you would not gar far wrong believing Hardy was a one trick pony.  However this movie opens up a side not yet seen from Hardy and in my eyes, one he revels in from start to finish.

This Means War is a funny Spy flick, not spoofed in anyway as there is a genuine plot line of Mobsters intent on taking our two good looking Operatives but this is merely a background story upheld by a great cast of villains, equally moody and well deserved of being cast as actual villains in any M.I movie or even, a Bond?  This movie focuses mainly on a love triangle where both Chris Pine & Hardy fall for the same lady, Reese Witherspoon who after being single for a while manages to bump into each guy independently and finds it hard to make her mind up, so dates both! 

It does not take long for our CIA agents, who apart from partners are best buds to work out they are seeing the same girl and after deciding to both go for it and may the best man win does the movie embark on a hilarious comedy trip where each uses their cunning, ability and support from CIA Ops to bring the other down - nicely, obviously!

I was really impressed with the who ensemble cast in this one, Pine & Hardy where great together and when you see that names such as Bradley Cooper, Justin Timberlake & Seth Rogan where also in the running you have to hand it to them for winning over the on the casting couch.

Witherspoon adds a touch of class, looking no older than she did when in Cruel Intentions she is seeming to age very gracefully and at 35 has definitely still got 'it'.  Every comedy nowadays needs an element of Smut and Bad taste (something Bridesmaids opened our eyes to) and this is seamlessly delivered by Witherspoons sex starved friend, Trish (Chelsea Handler) who manages to pull slutty mom like no other, while remaining kind of parent-like throughout.

Hardy's British accent does him wonders in this and the jokes seem all that much funnier when he's in a room of Yanks but that's got to be the appeal and something Witherspoons character comments on early on.  with this and the upcoming portrayal of Bane in Chris Nolan's third and final Batman outing he has topped my favourite British Actors listing, replacing Mark Strong and fair play to him - the once 'C4 Big Breakfast' Model winner has come good.

I saw this in a Valentines pre-screen, before general release and I suppose its fitting as a date movie.  Its got the romantic comedy and 'boys' element your missus will love and for him, guns, gadgets, car's and Witherspoon in her pants - whats not to love,  surely a winner on all levels?

Great casting, great plot and even greater mischief as each try to outdo the other - definitely one of my top 5 so far this year.