Monday, 13 August 2012

213, Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days

Oh Dear.

This blog wont take long and if you're between 6-10yrs old you'll probably love it but sadly for me, this movie came across as a meagre attempt to keep an aged franchise running that initially had one slightly amusing movie back in 2010 but has since bombed.

For those who actually care - Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a collection of 7 books all written by American author Jeff Kinney.  Dog Days is book 4 with books 1 & 2 already hitting the big screens.  For some reason book 3, 'The Last Straw' never made it so that should have set alarm bells ringing.

The first movie had charm, character and a few funny sequences and according to my kids, the books are great but in this instance it just didnt materlialise onto the screen.  The fact that I did find the first movie good tells me that I get it.  I'm not saying its not beneath me or anything like that, it just failed to impress on a few levels. 

Dog Days sees our wimpy kid starting his summer break and as usual, his cool 'wannabe' lifestyle is crushed by family, friends and dog, leaving him embarrased and having to deal with fixing his summer, rather than living it.

Our Wimpy Kid and the rest of the original cast remain - Zach Gordon is looking older but not too much wiser as Greg Heffley and the star of the show for me still (as it was in the first one) is his geeky B.F.F Rowley who is a little bit 'too' weird to be comfortable, but uses that to gets most of the laughs.

The adults are nothing special and elder brother Roderick is even more removed from reality as he is in the prequals.  The female bully Patty remains as do a few other faces but in general - no stand out performances.

I have to give the company behind this their due - the books will lure out innocent parents, coaxed into going by their offspring who adore the novels but it needs to stay there - please, No more!  If the books are anything to go by then the next installment would include dating & I would instantly feel sorry for whoever gets the sad task of dating Rowley!

There are so many kids movies out currently including Step Up 4, Brave, Ice Age 4 & The Lorax, all of which I'd rather watch than this one so with only a few weeks of Summer remaining, take your ankle biters to any of the above instead.  Avoid this one.

Sorry x