Wednesday, 1 August 2012

209, Seeking A Friend for the end of the World

Not every movie needs a Hollywood ending where a last chance 'Hurrah!" saves the day and our cast live happily ever after - for those who have seen movies like Wicker Man or Skyline will know that the good guys don't always win and sometimes we need reminded of that - well, there is no grey area here, many times have Hollywood saved us from planetary devastation with bombs on meteors or giant life saving submarines but I think its pretty clear that 'should' a world ending asteroid actually make its way close enough to cause harm - the chance of survival is dim so finally - its time for a movie that actually goes through the motions of, what would you do?

I'm not spoiling anything here - the opening line of the movie confirms that the mission to save the earth failed and our leading man (Steve Carell) has 3 weeks along with the rest of the planet to make all his ends meet, bury any left over hatchets and maybe - find someone worthy of seeing out his final days with him.

Enter Kiera Knightley - a free spirited, hippy styled early twenty something ish flyaway who's missing her family, in a rubbish relationship, down on her luck and also just needs someone to put their arms around her and tell her every things going to be okay.

These two completely different people, with only weeks left until complete annihilation decided to help each other out, Knightley to help Carell get to the lady in his life that got away and Carell to help Knightly get to her family in time to say goodbye.

Being a Carell movie there are a few funny moments but only as certain scenarios get played out with the mentality of whats about to happen - there are those who go looting and destroying, those who drink and do drugs, those who decide to let sexual inhibitions fly out of the window but in all the chaos, our intrepid two remain focused on their goal and even though you're completely expecting a sad ending - when it comes there wont be a dry eye in the house!

The 'will they / wont they' story is short lived but it doesn't matter - both played lovely parts in this and I for one thoroughly enjoyed it.

Don't expect an Armageddon last minute success story here - its sad, brutal, endearing, tear producing and in some parts, an inspiring movie of self sacrifice.