Thursday, 19 July 2012

208, The Five Year Engagement

If any film had an obvious plot line then its this one.  The whole movie is basically explained in the title so I wont need to go into depths about the ins and outs of the story line which means we can get straight onto the cast.

I'm an avid Emily Blunt fan - as a Brit and movie buff she tops many a list in my mind and in this again - she breathes life into what could be quite a hard role to play opposite Jason Segal.  I say a hard role but in gest its a role anyone could pull off - fiance' to a successful chef gets a break as a lecturer at a University on the other side of the country so she ups sticks and moves with a reserved but understanding Segal who gives up on his dream of becoming his own Head Chef to follow her to the back-woods.  Something he soon comes to regret.

With Blunts career blossoming its Segal who ends up having to endure the loathsome locals, dodgy jobs in sandwich bars, because his fine cuisine San-Francisco restaurant experience is laughed out of town and the comedy element comes mainly from Segal and his new band of very odd buddies as he tries so hard (with little success) to come across the loving partner and supporter to his future wife's ambitions to the point where (and I'm sure you have guessed) puts strain on the relationship.

And somehow I've managed to make the plot sound somewhat interesting and much more than the title initially predictable title.  I did enjoy this movie but sadly, I have one reservation - Jason Segal.

I just don't get him!  Some people find him hilariously funny - I just seem to think that he's somehow fluked his way into a Hollywood career and as a leading man - just lacks the power on screen to make his movies stand out.  He's cheesy in the Muppet's (I know everyone was but him especially) and in this, as co-writer he seems to only get roles he writes himself into - bagging two beauties in this (Blunt + a 23yr old waitress) I just think he;s the wrong type of person for this role.  I sadly don't even find him that amusing but I said the same about Jack Black at one point I recall and look how that turned out - He's a legend!

There ARE some funny moments - quite a lot of them in fact and blunt shines throughout. Ii only really laughed at Segal when he injured himself or went all 'Deliverance' about two thirds into the movie and the end is romantic, expected - but sweet.

I wish I was able to put my finger on exactly whats holding me back from sincerely gushing about this one, the Parents of Segal are both familiar faces and have lovely little cameos (similar in my mind to Hoffman and Streisand from Meet the Parents) and Blunts family quite comically, but sadly pass away throughout the movie but its written into a number of the gags so its accepted.

As a one off I suppose its worth a giggle - I cant see any scope for a follow-up here so if this is your cup of tea catch it while you can - its again not anywhere near the comedy value of Bridesmaids or even What to Expect When You're expecting and as I missed Friends with Kids I can only guess that this was also better.

Keep going Segal - I'm sure there's a movie coming up from you soon I'll love (Muppet's aside - but that was only Animal on the big screen that made me smile)