Sunday, 8 July 2012

203, What to Expect when youre Expecting

Dont be fooled!  Like Bridesmaids, this movie was automatically be rolled out as a chick flick but for those brave male souls prepared to do whats right for the sake of their relationships and mutter the words, "Yes dear, I'd love to see that movie" you wont be dissapointed!

Although way past cinema release date, this blog is more for the DVD release but its taken me a while to find some time for the last batch of write ups.  Luckily, movies like this are simple to explain with  an easy plot, loveable characters and a funny outcome.

This movie charts the pregnancy of a handfull of couples who are all loosely linked to each other by 6 degrees of seperation in one form or another and although none rarely come into contact with each other - live out quite heartwarming stories that pretty much show off all tributes of pregnancy and whats endured by both the women and their hubbies involved.
We have the celeb mum, the expert mum, the golddigger mum, the young mum & the adopting mum who each play out their nine months of anything between endless joy and never ending trauma through the eyes of the viewer, each experiencing highs, lows and indifferences that really set the characters apart from each other.

All Mum's watching will at some point be able to relate to something that our female cast go through but never fear - theres something for the blokes in the audience too - The Dudes.

The Dudes are a goup of stay at home dads, linked to the J-Lo couple who have shunned the city life to allow their breadwinning wifes the chance to put food on the table and cash in their pockets while they take to the park on a daily basis and chew the cud with what would normally be gossip around a coffee table.  The magical phrase 'whats goes on in the park, stays in the park' sets up for some hilarious quips and quotes and led by Chris Rock, the Dudes manage to tick all marital boxes just as smoothly as the ladies in their lives could and it makes for a refreshing steriotypical rolem flipped firmly on its head.

To be honest - most of the characters are well acted, the story runs extremely smoothly and I don't really have a bad word to say about it but inbetween all of this there is a shining light, a stand out performance if you will by the best character in the whole movie - Jordan. 

Vic's (Rock's) son Jordan will have you in stiches each time he's on screen - the accident prone child who happens to be on the wrong end of many a tough tumble but even though its very wrong to luagh at kids falling over - you just cant help yourself.

Pair the above with some great stories including the rivalry between Dennis Quaid as the 'Alpha' dad and his underwhelming son who are both having kids at the same time, Quaid with a far younger model and his son, Falcone, who is hithced to a pregnancy expert who finds out that all the books stand for nothing just make this one a few great little plots that should keep many of you entertained.

Not a chick flick but at the same time, not one for a lads night in either - a nice little one for the lovebirds out there and for those of you who have had kids, you'll take pleasure knowing you dont have to go thorugh it again but appreciate the 'Aaaahhh' moments but for those comtemplating further additions to their famly - there may be a couple of game changers in this one!