Friday, 13 July 2012

206, Chernobyl Diaries

Hands up all the Call of Duty' gamers in the house?  Well, a few thousand of you I'm sure have picked that fabulous control pad and shouted the immortal words 'FRAG OUT!' but if, like me you looked at the scenery and though "Hmm, that looks a nice place to go, Prypiat" then let me assure you - this will change your mind.

YES - you can actually go to the town just outside of Chernobyl where the workers and wives / children of the nuclear power plant lived and YES - you can only spend a short time there due to remaining radiation poising but come on, wouldn't it be cool?

I thought so too and I know this is only a movie but there is no way in hell you are getting me to Russia now - Red Square and Standard Vodka? Yes, Prypiat - Not a chance!

We follow a group of American backpackers - on their world tour which obviously includes a few hotties and idiot American blokes who decide to take Yuri (odd Russian tour guide) on his word and head off to the Nuclear site.

Brain power tells you that when the guard on the gate turns you around you take his advise and head back to the Vodka bar but not Yuri - he stupidly takes the back road and our band of holiday makers end up in the desolate and deserted site of the disaster that to this day is still considered one of our biggest screw ups.  Its got everything from the spooky woods to the radioactive fish and it doesn't stop there.

Things go really bad when it turns out the residents are still alive!  Yes my friends - its Zombie meets radio active freak show with demon dogs to boot but honestly, too its credit.  Its jumpy as hell.

There is no point in giving away the end - they either all die, all get out or only a few survive and I wont spoil it - but with radiation levels dangerous after 30 minutes and our intrepid bunch staying the night - what do you think?

Its a bit scary but probably not the worst you have seen this year and one of these movies where you think in real life - you'd have turned around!  Muppet's.  A pretty un-famous cast (similar to Skyline) but thanks to this movie - Prypiat wont be getting my hard earned dollar in the near future.