Friday, 13 July 2012

205, Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter


I agree, sometimes stupid movies names come along - Hot Tub Time Machine was a classic example, so was Mega Shark V Gian Octopus but every now and again you just have to take in your stride the thought that maybe, just maybe one may ooze utter brilliance.

And here it is!

Abe Lincoln, maybe America's most beloved President - saviour of the Western world - Legend.  Vampire Hunter?

Well, not as we knew it but who gives a flying fox, this movie is drop dead brilliant with a side of gorgeous added along the way.

Firstly - forget your Twilight sloppy soppy love stories - in this, Vampires are mean, bad and eat people, violently!  Then add in Dominic Cooper, loved him in Devil's Double and now the bad-ass himself hunts Vamps!  Then, Abe himself - relatively unknown Benjamin Walker (only been TV since now) and the great Rufus Sewell (who I loved in Eleventh Hour - even though the TV network didn't) both brilliant.

I cant gush about this movie enough - the premise is epic - future American President cutting his teeth on evil Vamps in the light of the American Civil War - and an AXE!  - that just oozes hardness, not a gun or long sword but a woods mans axe coated in Silver.  Wicked!

But the best thing about this isn't the cast, or the plot or even the thought that America was saved from Vampires during the American Civil War but the look of it. 

Most of the modern world now have access to instagram - that cool app that lets you tweak photos so we can all pretend to be the David Bailey of the Millennium - well you know the Sepia look?  That slightly 'off' brown with a hint of colour, this movie has that embedded throughout - making it look as realistic as the 'wanted' posters of its time and on screen - in magnificent colour with jaw dropping special effects and an Axe wielding President, it just makes this movie the prettiest I have ever seen , EVER!

Yes its got blood and gore and yes - the final third of the movie has Abe as an old man with the iconic Beard and hat but the guy still kicks Vamp butt with amazing ease and the nice little twist at the end bringing bit back to modern times is well thougt out - there will be no prequel, sequel or re-make of this - its a one off and bring on the Blu-Ray - No excuses - go and see it!