Friday, 13 July 2012

204, Red Lights

Here was I, hoping Red Lights would be a great little spooky thriller starring Robert DeNiro that focused on the goings on of the supernatural world - soon to be uncovered as fraud by an inquisitive and relentless Sigourney Weaver and Batman baddie Cillian Murphy who in their spare time expose supernatural nitwits while holding down university lecturing roles and show the world the underbelly of mass American hysteria against these righteous preachers who not only claim to heal the sick but speak to long lost relatives from beyond the grave.

Well, to be honest - my description of the movie above is already better than the result that has ended up on the silver screen.

Firstly, this is one slow movie.  It just randomly plods along with lecturer Weaver and sidekick Murphy taking slow steps to explain the actions of these fraudsters and this is then shown out with them bringing down an aforementioned wally who literally has spy's in the crowd while they are chatting and waiting in the queue taking notes, then having it fed to an ear piece and unsuspectingly automatically knowing every ones darkest secrets and feelings.

As you can tell - I'm not a fan of this stuff in reality or on screen - sorry!

Had this have been a non-stop gripping thriller with danger at every turn then maybe, just maybe I'd have been positive but it wasn't.

Each of these actors have excelled in roles - Murphy as Scarecrow (Batman), Weaver and DeNiro in too many to mention but think of them as flavours - Coffee, Real Ale & Chips - amazing individually but too much all on one plate!

There just wasn't the scope or depth in this to make it appealing and give the cast the chance to shine - what made it worse - the end was dull, quick and with no real explanation.

I hate slating films as I don't get paid for it and feel bad should the actors / cast etc read my blog (as I know a few have!) so please forgive me - I don't hate you personally - in fact, I love you all! but everyone has a bump along the way, hopefully this is yours out of the way (that is of course until DeNiro makes another Fockers movie, then its game over!)