Saturday, 16 February 2013

239, Bullet to the Head

Expendables 2 aside, Arnie has already strutted his stuff once more in The Last Stand and Bruce is back with Die Hard 5 so not seemingly wanting to be left out - The final member of the Planet Hollywood Trio steps up to centre stage (alone) for the first time since John Rambo in 2008.

Bullet to the Head sees Stallone (a Hitman) team up with Sung Kang (a Cop) to take down a common enemy after both their (work) partners are killed.  And sadly, that's about it.

There is no real depth to this movie - as with Arnie in The Last Stand - Sly is also probably a little too past it to take down a whole underworld single handed, and especially without Statham & Li as his wing men.  In addition - as he gets older he's becoming harder to understand so amongst all the explosions and gunfire its actually quite hard to keep up with the lines of the script.

As with other Hollywood releases currently on show - this certainly does seem to pack a mean punch in relation the the special effects and with Jason Momoa (Stargate Atlantis) stepping up as the no-nonsense hard case (albeit on the losing side) it manages to almost contain you're anticipation throughout, especially with an epic Axe battle at the finale but other than that - its nothing special.

I actually want to write plenty more about this movie but to be honest - although I only saw it a little over a week ago I cant actually remember that much about it.  Maybe that's the downside - it just didn't sit with me as a movie I wanted to shout about. 

It was ploddy  in places, there was a dull narrative by Stallone himself explaining the back story as sweeping scenery shots rolled past and I can't even remember if the daughter turned out to be good or bad! But what I do know is that the aforementioned Axe battle was by far this movies highlight, Oh and did I mention - Christian Slater is in it! (last seen by me in Churchill: The Hollywood Years - 2004)

Sorry if you wanted more but honestly, its wasn't a winner for me.