Monday, 24 June 2013

264, World War Z

There are Zombie films and there are ZOMBIE films - this my friends is the latter.  Luckily, World War Z(ee) is more action than horror otherwise I'd have switched off in the first 20 minutes but there is something about this that engages you from the outset.

Who ever came up with the notion that zombies would plod around aimlessly, leaving you plenty of time to escape a locked in loo let alone a country obviously hadn't discussed the notion with Brad Pitt as these bad boys (and girls) come at you like a Tsunami rather than a 'non' energised bunny to the point that within 10 seconds of being chomped on you're part of the clan and swept up in a constant, hunger fuelled rampage the only ends when the blood literally runs out.

Well - that's what you get with this movie - and its truly awesome.

I skipped over the Tsunami quote above but that's exactly the point of this movie - There is no slow-mo zombie attacks here  - the CGI of literally thousands of zombies charging down human fortresses is some of the best mass effects you will see in recent times and the whole idea of a virus or bacterial infection as the trigger is more than plausible - even if the symptoms are far from believable. 

Pitt plays an U.N official - drafted back in after early retirement to spend time with his family as the global epidemic of Zombie(ism?) takes over pretty much the whole globe.  His job, to leave his family on a floating aircraft carrier and head off to find patient zero and with it a cure, or at least some breathing space until someone can find out how to rid the world of the un-dead.

The plot here is fantastic - Pitt travels from Israel to Jerusalem to Wales to find what he's looking for and results in a climatic finale where Pitt has to go face to face with a Zombie to test his theory that could potentially save humanity and I had goosebumps popping from every skin cell on my body.

The whole cast is fantastic - from Brad Pitt himself right down to Pater Capaldi (BBC's The Thick of it) and everyone else in between.  To highlight a few, there is Pitt's family (wife and daughters) who are awesome, his U.N boss who plays the protector and guardian angel and the reasons for the family's survival in the first place and the W.H.O Dr's (I haven't got it the wrong way round - World Health Organisation) who 'man up' exactly when needed to assist Pitt.  Finally -  my favourite were the Marine squadron who assist in the plane refuelling with a real "Hoo-Ra!" attitude that rounds off the stand out cast.

There are few jumpy moments (its not all sweetness and light) with the most jumpy being the zombie leaping out from the dumb waiter on the passenger plane but on the whole - its not a scary movie so please don't be put off by it.

This has 'action' written all over it with awesome special effects and the falling of Fortified Israel (you'll understand) is one of the most awe inspiring visualisations of mass CGI Mapping you will ever see.  I cant fault it - from the first 10 minutes the action starts and its finale which is more edge of the seat anticipation than actual Zombie rampage finishes it all off perfectly.

As for happy endings - well apart from millions of humans dying globally it could have been better but do the strong survive?  Well of course they do.  Hollywood's not ready to kill of Mr Pitt just yet.