Thursday, 27 June 2013

265, Snitch

When you see Dwayne Johnson in a movie nowadays that normally means you're in for a full blown action / adventure epic with awesome fight scenes, edge of the seat, jaw dropping special effects and basically - the stuff that captivates action junkies - with the odd cheesy kids flick thrown in to keep the fan base happy.

This movie however - doesn't tick all of the regular boxes and I'm finding it hard to understand why he was cast for the role.

Johnson plays a successful business owner of a construction firm, with a new wife and daughter and an pretty impressive homestead he has left behind an ex-wife an son that appear to not have been too fortunate.  In a daft turn of events, his son agrees to accept a package of drugs from a so called friend and before you know it the D.E.A have stormed the house and arrested the kid for possession with the intent to supply after being grassed up by his 'so called' pal to bid to reduce his own sentence by playing Snitch.

Offered the same deal to reduce his 'expected' sentence from 10yrs to 2, Jason (Johnson's son) is offered the same get out of jail card but not knowing any dealers and refusing to drop innocent mates into the frame he decides to man up and prepares to face time - however Dad is not too happy and approaches the Governor? (Sarandon) to see if there is anything he can do to bring down a few drug rings to help reduce the sentence.

This is where I thought The Rock would come into his own - busting out the biceps to wreak some damage to bad guys but he is every bit as much as out of his depth doing this as he would be partaking in the royal ballet!

Using money to bribe a few of his less than honourable employees he manages to infiltrate a drug ring and within a few conversations secures an undercover deal with a huge Mexican King-pin to transport $83mill across the Mexican border.

For a billed 'action' movie the 12a cert should have given the game away and to be honest, there is very little action to actually speak off.  The story is quite ploddy and long winded and The Rock actually gets a kicking rather than dish one out. 

There are a few moments of quality which involves a Mexican stand off and an attack on a drug dealers pad but each only lasts a few minutes and its not until the very end with the Semi Truck transport to Mexico of the cash do things actually speed up a little, but not too much because it all then kinds of ends quite abruptly and politely.  Sad really.

Had Dwayne of kicked right off and started cracking skulls I could have seen the link but to be honest, Steve martin could have done just as good a job.

For me - this seemed like a passing time filler between Fast & Furious 6 &7 as well as a few other up and coming movies and for me, should have been one he avoided but he got paid so in his shoes - I'd probably have done the same.

Only go to this if you have already seen Man of Steel and WWZ, if not - both of these other movies leave Snitch well and truly standing.