Wednesday, 17 July 2013

266, Despicable Me 2

Lets face it, the only reason we are ALL going to see Despicable Me 2 is for the Minions.  I know, you can say it - even as an adult, the simple idea of yellow tic-tacs speaking French is too much for even the hardened of us to withstand and within minutes we are chuckling along at the antics of Kevin, Bob & Stuart (all French names?) and you could all easily be forgiven for not actually remembering much else!

There is a plot however, although to be honest its pretty standard.  Steve Carell returns as the one time villain come amazing foster-dad with three of the most adorable girls you could ever wish to meet.  As with the 1st movie - the girls are fab.  All cutesy and sweet, still sharing the same room in a massive house and each a little bit older but maintaining the childish humour so revered from the first outing.  Everyone has their favourite but for me (as with many others) its Agnes that Rocks it!

This time out, he's enlisted by the A.V.L (Anti Villain League) to help and assist in the capture of new baddie - El Nacho.  Paired up with female agent, Lucy (Kristen Wiig) Gru has to work with his new partner and a host of new gadgets and gizmo's to uncover El Nacho's evil plot that sees the Minion's turned into evil alter-Minions and Gru has to save the day - and all of his entrusted and devout followers.

Firstly - the story was so slow I actually dozed off towards the end but the Minions totally rocked it - as I knew they would.  There is a reason they are used for the numerous trailers released since the latter parts of 2012 and they bring a whole level of visible and physical comedy not seen since the slap-stick days.

One warning - in the showing I saw there were plenty of tiny kids who cheered along with the laughs but there wee also tears when the Minions turned bad, their sweet, yellow lovable appearance gets an evil purple makeover with sharp teeth and a shock of unkempt hair, the cutesy ramblings turn into growls and those few that survive (named above) have to stand-off again their former colleagues to happily, make it alright in the end and if you're 5 years old - total drama!

The story carried on perfectly from the 1st one but this time - the girls (Margo, Agnes & Edith) have love on their mind for Dad as they plot to set him up with Lucy and complete the family.

There's not much else to say, the animation and soundtrack is brilliant and Carell once again proves he's top of the voice overs with his brilliant accents and demeanour that really stand out in this movie and in all honesty - I could watch Gru and the

Minions over and over.  They make this movie and although the story line appeared a little lame - they more than make up for it.  

Final thing - don't rush out at the end, soon after the credits there are the Auditions for 'The Minion's Movie' - if it ever happens - I'll be there!