Wednesday, 17 July 2013

268, Pacific Rim

Anyone who knows anything about Blockbusters would agree that Pacific Rim looks the biggie for 2013.  For all intents and purposes, Man of Steel was one of the most anticipated but with a tag line that reads "Go Big or go Extinct" who wouldn't want to watch this Monster Movie. 

What's great about this is there is no delay in it getting started.  The opening scene sees the first attack taking place.  After a brief narrative explaining about alien life coming from beneath the earths crust via a portal to another galaxy rather than spaceships descending from space, we quickly get to know the 'Kaiju', the name given to this newest form of Monster. 

Luckily - the might of an air force manage to kill the beast but with more attacks happening as new creatures come through the portal, aptly located in the middle of the pacific ocean its time for the world to come together and develop like for like sized piloted robots, nicknamed 'Jaegers' with two human pilots, synced both physically and mentally to bring the smack down on these unwanted intruders.

And that's just where the movie starts!!!

A surprisingly unknown (to me) cast great make up a number of the top sports and although they have all been in other movies, they are not what I would consider 'A-list', albeit for Idris Elba & Ron Pearlman as the stand out recognisable ones.

This movie focuses around the theory that the monsters are getting more and more aggressive and larger in size, ranging from Category 1 up to Category 4 with the threat of an unthinkable Cat 5 monster still to come.  With the help of a few nutty scientists who actually manage to sync with the brain of one of the newly defeated Kaiju, they discover that as with Independence Day, their mission is to rid the world of all life and move onto the next.  Cat 1-4 monsters are just scouts - there are far bigger things to come!

This isn't the only Independence Day connection as there is a rousing Idris Elba speech before the final battle, easily comparable to that of Bill Pullman's in the aforementioned alien flick.

The special effects are fantastic and there is a fair share of heroism as well as heartache as its obvious that not everyone's going to survive - but as for who lives - well I'll leave that for you to find out yourselves.

The whole cast were really good and the early explanation of how things happen, followed by a quick 15 year jump in the story while the Jaegers are created really got you into the story quickly and efficiently. 

I loved it - I knew I would and with a story and idea that takes the Monster capacity of something like Godzilla or Cloverfield and mixes it with the team spirit of Independence Day along with the robots slightly comparable to 80's flick 'Robot Jox' (Google it) this ticked all of my Blockbuster boxes at once.

It would be easy to spill all the twists and turns and the back stories etc for each of the cast involved (and they all have them) but that would spoil all the fun.  This 'IS' the summer blockbuster movie you wont want to miss, so enjoy it!