Friday, 19 July 2013

270, Monsters University

It only took 12 years but the sequel / prequel to the much loved Monsters Inc. is finally here. 

One of Pixar's most successful movies takes a jump back in time to track how Mike Wazowski (Crystal) & James P. Sullivan / Sully (Goodman) hooked up in the first place before coming the record breaking scare team that we were introduced too in 2001.

This movie kicks off early doors, getting introduced to a high school Mike, getting picked on etc as the 'little'un' in class but after a field trip to the scare room at Monsters Inc. and a close encounter behind one of the many 'child' doors that could have ended his young life, his heart becomes set on the only thing he wants to do with the rest of his life - head to M.U, study and become a world class scarer!

Now grown up, Mike enrols in the scare program where he meets Sully, the last in a long line of Scaring legends, The Sullivan's.  Convinced he can 'get by' just showing up & confident that you cant 'teach' scary he mocks the nerdy, bookworm approach from Mike and the two soon become rivals in class until a mistake from them both sees them kicked out the class and the only way to graduate is to win the Scare Games - an annual event that separates the Men from the Monsters. 

Our duo enrol in a fraternity of miss-fits called the Oozma Kappa's to bulk out their team but sadly, this hopeless bunch of cuddly odd-balls have more chance winning baking competition than the scariest games of all - its going to take real cunning, planning and teamwork plus a little bit of luck to pull this one off.

The cast are as they were 12 years ago.  Crystal & Goodman reprise their roles with ease and new additions of Helen Mirren, Steve Buscemi Alfred Molina and a host of others pick up a number of lovable characters, all complimenting the main two really well.

For me, the laugh out loud moments didn't come that quickly (sadly) and the only bits I found funny were when I was laughing at the mishaps of the Oozma's, now that was some comedy gold.

I am confident that your youngest will love this movie, even though the first outing was released before they were born but shame on you if you haven't got the DVD stashed somewhere in the back of the cabinet. 

Even though in comparison - 12 years of technology has left things looking pretty similar and standard in today's competitive animated market to what they did in 2001, the nostalgia of the aforementioned movie is still there and as before - you'll fall in love (again) with Mike & Sully but this time - their team mates are even more likable.