Wednesday, 17 July 2013

267, The Internship

I couldn't wait to see this movie.  The idea of two 'dinosaur' salesman trying to cut it in the new on-line world of Google, pitted against freshman nerds opens so many possibilities.  Being of 'that age' myself where I finished college just before the whole Social Networking /Smart phone app lifestyle really took off meant that I missed the boat but if I was to try and get into that work now - in my mind, this is exactly how it would be and I would find myself in the same shoes as our leading duo, Vaughn & Wilson.

The movie starts with two confident and successful sales reps for a watch company.  Face-to-face rapport is their only tool and they are the best at what they do - sadly though, with smart phones in every pocket and their over enthusiastic boss (John Goodman) closing down the firm due to 'digital' competition they are left with no other options for two ageing sales reps.

Wilson takes a job in his brother-in-law's mattress / bed store (cue brilliant cameo from Will Ferrell) until Vaughn descends with the chance to interview for an internship that may lead to a job at Google. 

The rest of the movie plays out with a host of inept attempts from our double-act at being 'cool' to fit in with the genius level of IT nerds queueing up for the same job(s).  From a hilarious web-cast interviews & silly hats at day 1 to the free canteen and the sleep pods, this movie takes all the rumours and theories behind processes at Google, Facebook and such like and takes a look at what happens when two actual 'real' people have a go - eventually surprising everyone around them.

Their group - well, Vaughn & Wilson are matched up with a small group of misfits, all individually brilliant but just not part of the 'in' crowd.  That's led by the extremely arrogant Graham (Max Minghella) as the over cocky favourite to take the post on offer.  But, having all the gear and no idea doesn't get him very far when it comes to people skills and he soon comes undone.

This movie has got laughs, fights, fantastic acting, a bit of heartbreak and of course - a happy ending.  Mr Chetty is fantastic as the head of the intern programme and hot female Google exec, Dana (Rose Byrne) is perfectly cast as the love interest / unreachable object of desire for Wilson. 

There is a live Quidditch game, night out at a strip club and a proper 'old school' sales exercise that sees Billy & Nick really come into their own and young or old - this movie will have you either on one side, or the other.

From 'Flashdance' references lost on the youth of today to coding script that would make the rest of us yawn - this movie has something for everyone and for me, one of Vince Vaughn's finest, after all - he did (co)write it.