Tuesday, 5 January 2010

11, St Trinians 2

I was not sure how to approach this one. I enjoyed the first film because I loved the originals and it stayed true to its roots, being based entirely on the school grounds and focusing on the actual students but as for the Sequel, I was not entirely sold.

The cast stayed loyal with additional talent including Tennant and Harding but it just seemed to lack something. The jokes were tedious, Sarah Harding came across like she had nothing better to and Tennant was slightly odd??

There were some high points though. Colin Firth was hilarious, Gemma Arterton was as sassy as expected and the girl playing the "CHAV" totally stole the show - it was worth the entrance fee alone to chuckle at the way she portrayed the character which felt closer to home that I hoped it would.

The kids loved it and I am sure it will be gracing the DVD cabinet soon but I think certain parts of the movie made it daft - The story was believable (slightly), after all, Shakespeare could easily have been female!!! and who would not hope that a private girls school was actually like that!! I have 2x daughters ready to sign up but I think the "reality dream" was dampened by the possessed head girl, floating 6 feet above the bed - in my eyes it was one step too far, made it stupid rather than funny and whilst writing this feel that I am getting too old for this Sh....

Cynical I am not, so to round up - it was okay. Don't expect an Oscar winning performance from the Blond "Girl Aloud" but a cracking little cameo from Ricky(Kaiser Chiefs) Wilson was amusing at the beginning and the uniforms will still do it for you!!!

See this if.....................You want to watch a no-brainer!!