Tuesday, 5 January 2010

12, Avatar

So here Goes........since starting this Blog there has been one movie I have been looking forward to more than most and I finally got to see the full Real3D experience on Dec 27th. What a Ride!!!

Set to be the fastest $1Billion movie ever made and also primed to overtake Titanic (Cameron again!) as the highest grossing movie ever J.C has once again confirmed himself as Mr Blockbuster. From Alien to Terminator and the Abyss to Rambo II Cameron has excelled as a Writer, Director and Producer and in every case they have been epic - whole worlds created to deliver astonishment and awe as to what is actually capable with story and character plots to match and if not already confirmed as one, the guy is fast becoming a legend!

So with the Cameron gushing over its time to speak about Avatar.

I had extremely high expectations and was totally amazed that everything I expected did not even come close to what I actually saw. Pandora is an amazing re-creation of a forest world and as with Endor in Return of the Jedi it is beautifully set and being 3D made it even more awesome!!! The idea behind the story as excellent and totally drew you into to the conflict between the 2 races. You want the locals to reign supreme as their beliefs of being one with the planet and its elements is heartwarming to the end.

You are sucked into watching our hero, Sully, go through the pain of potentially betraying his own kind but also falling in love with Neytiri (Uhura from the new Star Trek film, although you would never guess)and understanding their pain and exactly how wrong the Humans can be. Excellent performances from Michelle Rodriguez (Fast & Furious)and Giovanni Ribsi (Kip Raines in Gone in 60 Seconds) carried Hollywood Calibre and the Colonel, played by Stephen Lang was one of the Hardest Men ever seen in movie!! - I think he would have eaten Rambo for breakfast!!!

I could go one all day telling you about the creatures and the floating mountains and the marine Weaponry, the ships and the Alien III Inspired walkers but to be honest I still would not do it the justice it deserves.

Its 3 hour duration passes like lightening and at the end you are left totally satisfied. not in a very long time have I used the term "best movie ever" but I think the time has come...

See this if.............You want to see the BEST MOVIE EVER!!! (and 3D is a must!)