Tuesday, 5 January 2010

13, Sherlock Holmes

Robert Downey Jnr is fast regaining "Hollywood Cred" as he leaps from one cracking movie to the next and although "Period Drama's" are not my thing I absolutely loved this!!!

It's James Bond for the Early London Age and the fact that the weaponry is basic and the backdrops were stunningly re-created made it even more attractive.

Ritchie's new Muse, Mark Strong (since the Hollywood departure of Jason Statham) appearing in back to back Ritchie films was again awesome and the Watson role taken on my Jude Law was in my opinion one of his best.

I read that the Holmes Deerstalker only appears in a single paragraph in one book and the curved pipe was only introduced by a stage actor playing the part who was so vain as to state "the straight pipe obscures my face, change it!!" and these 2 minor occurrences has led to one of the most recognisable silhouettes in history but apparently not to be. Holmes is a bare knuckle, drunk, womaniser who lives for the chase and in my opinion made the character far more likable than the previously envisaged British Poirot!

The plot is great with the apparent "Rising from the Grave" of one of London's most notorious villain's but Ritchie manages to keep it real by the apparent use of trickery rather than magic and witchcraft which the middle classes of London believe it to be. Utilising skill over technology (because none was available in these times) is a welcome break to the futuristic movies of recent times and its great so see a movie held up solely by its plot and cast rather than CGI (although used in the London recreation) and sci-fi. (with Avatar as the exception!!)

Okay, so to be honest, I did kind of doze off in the middle but only because it was late and I was tired but the finale on the "under development" Tower Bridge was breathtaking and the special effects of recreating a ever generating "New London" was beautifully created.

See this if...................you fancy a good ole' British Crime Thriller