Saturday, 13 March 2010

23, Green Zone

There is no messing about with this one - The action starts about 15 seconds in and pretty much does let up throughout its entirety. It is non-stop from the get-go and as you know is set in Iraq, 4 weeks after the 1st shock and awe insertion by the coalition forces. The Scene, Saddam has fled and his generals are in safe houses scattered around the city. Damon is part of the WMD team (Weapons of Mass Destruction) and they are following Intel to find the hiding spots but each time coming up empty handed, Damon's frustrations at constantly being sent on wild goose chases become apparent and lead him to seek answers in the form of CIA agent Marty and a New York reporter.

That's It. What plays out is the fact that America should have never invaded and the whole war was started because of a fabricated statement.

So, That's about as "GMTV" as I am going to get. Plot explained so, onto the cast. I think that with every film Matt Damon just gets better and better. He is Ace in Bourne, Cool in Oceans & even back to the early days of Dogma he manages to hold up as a leading actor. Mad Eye Moody plays the CIA Agent Marty exceptionally well and there is an unexpected performance from Mr Malfoy, Jason Isaacs.

Geg Kinnear plays a blinder as Poundstone, The US Military Suit who is pushing for the return of a new regime and turns out is the key to the whole war.

Is it political - maybe, most definitely. A Film openly stating the war was unjust and should never of happened, based on one mans lies to crack an infrastructure and bring a new order. But WHAT A FILM!! The camera is with the soldiers from the start and is jerky for realism but you really get the feel of being part of the action. It's a good old, down to earth war film for the modern era. Current, Important, Beautifully acted and definitely one to watch.

I'd watch it again tomorrow, and again and again.

See this if.............No Excuses (only being under 15!)