Wednesday, 10 March 2010

22, Alice in Wonderland (3d)

It's been a while !!! Sorry there is no Wolfman or From Paris with Love - Time got the better of me.

So, it's back to PG kids flicks and another Burton masterpiece?? sort of...

As you all hopefully know, this is not a re-make. Its a sequel to the original. in 3d. By Tim Burton and his usual suspects and its a down to earth, non-scary kids film that they will love!!! I heard the animation was great but the plot was confusing.Uh NO!! Its a no brainer.

Plot Spoiler - Alice (13 years on) believes Wonderland is only a dream, she has no actual recollection of being there, so when she goes back (about 10 minutes into the movie so no hanging around) she believes she is dreaming, one thing leads to another, she discovers its real and has been summoned back as the White Queens Champion to Defeat the Red Queens Champion and win the crown back for the White Queen - kept up ?, Good. The Hatter (Depp) and March Hare (CGI) are the best characters by far but Matt Lucas as Both Dum & Dee Twins is very funny, Stephen Fry as the Cat is good but keep an eye out for Peggy Mitchel as a Mouse, not expecting that one!! Bonham-Carter as usual heads the female cast with Anne Hathaway playing the younger, more attractive sibling, The White Queen to Carter's Red One. Chess Pieces vs. Playing Cards make up the army and the "hero" is the sword, wielded by Alice. Simples!!!

There are NO Spiders (to my daughters delight) & NO Jumpy bits. It deserves it's PG rating and for a Burton Film, pretty normal.

The £d Animation is great, Avatar is better but on the whole, "Wonderland" is very well done, slightly run-down due to bad Queen management but that's to be expected. Bonham-Carters character is funny throughout and the effects for her head are good. Keep an eye out for "Back to The Future" George McFly and for the adults, spot the voice overs - I got them all but Timothy Spall.

No Bad remarks - Standard Kids film. fine for a Sunday.

See this wondered how the original "could" have ended.