Saturday, 20 February 2010

21, Valentines Day

RIGHT - now lets get this straight from the word go. Brits do Rom Com's BRILLIANTLY, no argument - We are the nuts at it. Mr Curtis and his likely brew of Brit Spawn do this genre better than anyone else. Love Actually - AWESOME!! (not Gay, LOVED IT!) so, below is a brief explanation of Valentines Day.

Group of people living their lives over a 24 hour period - different stories but all connected...Sound Familiar??? OF COURSE IT IS!!! We did it years ago!! and we were 10times better!!

Don't get me wrong - there are good bits - and one in particular but basically its and American "Love Actually"

The WHOLE plot surrounds Ashton Kutcher and Jennifer Garner his bezzie mate (BFF)- excuse the Yankee terminology, getting all colonial on this one. Between these two the rest of the cast are somehow loosely connected with their own stories and issues / dilemma's.

They have thrown as much Hollywood class at this as they can......too name a few, Kutcher, Garner, Hathaway, Alba, Biel, Roberts, McLain, The hotel manager from Pretty Woman, Foxx, Dempsey, Queen Latifa (Love Her), Taylor Swift, The Werewolf from Twilight and Cheryl Cole (Sorry, not Cheryl Cole but my daughter said I had to put it in!!)

And does it work......Uhhh - NO!. Its Slow, Predictable, Dull. It lacks the comedy element - Its America gone all romantic - staying politically Fuc*ing correct as not to offend as NORMAL and it just does not make for a good film.


There are a few shining moments. Kutcher & Garner getting together is a given but worth the wait. The part of Anne Hathaway as the cool secretary / Phone Sex girl is the funniest bit, Taylor Swift playing a dizzy blond American high School kid is hilarious and the "Ahhh!" factor comes when you realise what Julia Roberts connection to the plot involves - No spoiler here - its worth watching, Because it's so DAMN SWEET - Bloody Americans - got a lump in my throat!! Hee Hee.

My favourite bit......wait until after the 1st set of Credits - there are outtakes!! to be fair not on the same scale as those in a Jackie Chan film but..... Ashton Kutcher having Seat belt issues gets old after the 5th time but Julia Roberts in the Limo - PAY ATTENTION !! If you are a self respecting female over the age of 25 and DO NOT pick up the Pretty Woman line (not saying what it is on here - watch it) and say it out loud before Julia does you deserve to be Shot - My Wife got it straight away - Full Respect Renee!

For a film I did not really like I have wrote an awful lot but Heck (Americanisms again!) there were some good bits, any and movie that can pull together so many top names deserves a little more page space.

Love Actually it is not but nether the less, if you are married, engaged, dating or merely shagging then when this hits DVD get it out (the DVD that is!!) and have a giggle - if not for Taylor Swift being a total barbie then for Jessica Biel - Still hot (sorry Ren xx)

See this if.............all you need is Love !! (Da Da Dah!)