Friday, 5 February 2010

17, Edge of Darkness

Okay, so I was expecting "Ransom" but with an ageing Gibson. Ageing is right, Ransom it is not.

He is "Too Old for this Shit!" It's Official, God hope there is no Lethal Weapon 5 in the pipeline....(Wait while I check IMDB............) Oh Shit!! its out 2012!!

So where is this guy going? He is a cop!! Yawn, again? and this time his Daughter is gunned down on his doorstep. Plot? He thinks its a hit on him but turns out his daughter is campaigning for the planet and nuclear weaponry and has managed to piss off a few big wigs. (On my 6th glass of wine while writing this so excuse obscenities but...) PLEASE !!! Its a bit SHIT!!

I like Gibson, always have (reference MAD MAX in previous Blog) but he is looking old, frail and especially in this one incapable.

I saw Liam Neeson in "Taken" and though he was okay and Hell Yeah! The A-Team re-make with Neeson as Hannibal looks cool but Gibson has got to focus on the "Comedy" Roles. Action Hero has passed and in my opinion and if you have been to the cinema recently and seen Danny Glover hamming it up in the "Orange" Ads then god forbid they re-form for LW5 but I am sure by Blog 212 I will be raving about it, As I did with 1,2,3, & 4 (Love Jet Li)

So that's enough about me speaking about other actors & Movies...what about this one? The villain is unbelievable, The plot is good and standard but there was something about it that was fun, in a "family executed kind of way...(if that makes sense)

Off to see the Rugby flick tomorrow so can't wait - hopefully have more to say.

Night All.

See this if.............You like Ransom, but are prepared to be let down. Sorry Mel.