Friday, 5 February 2010

16, Book of Eli

Right, I had ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE what this was about, never seen a trailer, never read a review.....nothing! So when my good wife, me and the outlaws all pitched up at the local flick I had no clue what to expect.

Post Apocalyptic Thriller...........I am thinking Cyborg, Mad Max etc and to start with I was right. One man's campaign against evil. But to be honest felt a little awkward with the mother in law sitting next to me. 1st 15 minutes sees a fight in silhouette where a few limbs get dismembered by a chainsaw and a kick ass fight scene....okay, not what I was expecting but so far.........bring it on!!!

Then - disaster. It's slow going. The gaps between action are too long and the wild west meets south central LA it a bit beyond belief but Denzel is cool as can be and Syrius Black is great as the villain. Its "Segal" fighting with "Van Damme" prowess - Love him!!

Plot Spoiler (Don't panic, not that great!!) - The bad guys want a copy of the bible??? apparently to bring (evil) order to the uncivilised population, Our Hero, Eli, has the only remaining copy and he has to get it to an ageing dude from Clockwork Orange in Alcatraz who is compiling the worlds greatest remains of civilization to rebuild humanity.......kept up?, good. That's the movie. Prophet, Bad Guy, Chainsaws and Cannibals.

Long, Dull (except the dismembering bits), Crap.

See this if................You liked Mad Max - Same desolate wasteland, Same Bad Guys