Saturday, 20 February 2010

20, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

Fantasy Adventure with the Gods. Sounds Awesome. I, like many other males in my "early" 30's alas do not read books. Not can't read, but don't read! so again its a movie from a book that I have no understanding of!!! But is that a good thing? - no preconceptions, no illusions of grandeur, just open mindedness. and with that was I impressed.....Yes.

Okay, it was cool. The main 3 are not too famous, yet. (that I know of.) But that wasn't a bad thing. They were cool, funny and came across well. The Hollywood "A" listers were there, all cameo roles, Bean, Thurman, Brosnan - all well cast and brilliantly acted - (spot Tommy from Train Spotting as Poseidon!! Cracking!)

So the plot - Demigod's, every one of them. Living and training in Camp Half Blood. Unknown by their parents (Gods) who visited earth for a quick bunk up with Humans, leaving a single parent children growing up with the ability to kick ass! One of them steals Zeus's Lightning Bolt, Jackson is blamed - he is innocent and sets out to clear his name - The best bit by far was Steve Coogan as Hades with a hot wife and Hell as his front garden - loved that bit!! and he was funny.

Uma Thurman's part is short lived but extremely well done as Medusa, Awesome Hair! and Pierce Brosnan as a Horsey Guy leading the training camp was also brill.

This is a no-brainer fantasy adventure. For the CSI New York Fans keep a look out for Athena (I think) and another cameo.

I enjoyed this - special effects were good - It was a PG so Leah came (6) and she loved it - a little scary with the snakes etc but it was Holly (11) who actually leapt from her seat about 15 minutes in (The Museum bit with the female teacher) but too be honest thats the only real jumpy bit.

Take the kids and the Grandparents - even if it is preparation to watch the re-make of Clash of The titans out later this year !! COME ON!!

See this if......You want to learn a little Greek Mythology with bond!!