Saturday, 6 February 2010

18, The Princess and the Frog

Think back - when was the last time you saw a "Cartoon" at the cinema?? Since Toy Story & Monsters Inc have changed the way we all regard animation I cant think of a decent Disney Cinema release that captured the original essence for a long time.

This film takes you back to Disney of old, although its not that dated it resembles the classic cartoon animation that I grew up watching and it was great.

The songs were funny, that characters amusing, the glow bug and the crocodile are amazing and its everything you would want from a classic Disney movie. There is sadness, laughter & a warm fuzzy feeling at the end. It's not too long and the cinema was heaving full of families. I will admit about 25 minutes in a did doze off for a bit but that was only due to being shattered. If you have got nothing planned over half term take the kids to see this - it will bring back memories!!

See this like Disney how it used to be!